Saturday 16 June 2012

Paradise Wildlife Park - a review - in the eyes of a 2 year old Boy!


We spent the day at the zoo yesterday for Aaron's birthday.  I decided I wasn't having a big party.  We did that in October for Aaron's Baptism and it was VERY costly.  I think I will save parties till he is a wee bit older.

So I decided on a day-trip that I knew he would simply LOVE.  Siobhan and her 2 little ones came with us, and as it had rained, it kept everyone at home, so we near enough had the zoo to ourselves.  There were a few hours when the soft-play area was full (as 11 coach loads had come and gone) but they were gone by 2 p.m. and we stayed till nearly 6 p.m.

My husband, Aaron and I had been to Paradise Wildlife Park on 20th May - but despite it being May it was really cold.  I was looking forward to going again with it being warmer - thank God yesterday, between the many rain showers, it was indeed warmer.

So we got the train to Broxbourne (you can do that from Liverpool Street or Tottenham Hale, (amongst other places).  From there, the park supplies a mini bus to the zoo.  When we arrived at the station Aaron decided to cry - I think because of the rain - so I am glad it cleared up, and we were actually able to play outside and see the animals.

As it was bucketing down when we 1st arrived, we headed straight for the soft-play area - superb option to have in bad weather.  It has a very large coffee/seating area. 

It is the BEST soft play area I have been to by far, and with the new addition of the animals that you can "space hop" on, Aaron was in his element.  He went up and down up and down, hopping on those, sadly I only capture him bouncing on my video, as there were other children present when they were riding them up and down like horses.

Once we enjoyed the soft play, the weather picked up, so we went to see the animals, then for a trip on the train, and then for a few hours playing in the park. 

Not a great photo, but watch our video
It is the AWESOME park that is seriously making me consider getting the annual membership.  That and the soft play area.  I would quite happily go to this zoo once a week, every week.  There are so many slides in the park and Aaron simply loves it - lots of slides at the soft play too.  Also, he really loves the animals.

So, without further ado, he is our video of our day - only took me THREE HOURS to put together ;-)

Bye for now,
Liska xx

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