Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Terrible Twos have Begun - Game On!

On Mondays I don't usually work, being that I am part-time 'n' all.

Well this Monday I happened to have a brief conversation with my colleague (my BlackBerry is never off) and although I was in the room and watching Aaron he decided (in objection to my being on the phone) to chuck EVERY book he owns into the centre of the room.

He did it one by one while I continued with my conversation.

He'd already gone through a phase of constantly throwing things a few weeks ago but I had THOUGHT he'd grown out of it....

I watched the room go from being tidy to being like a bomb had hit, and it was very quick.

He knew I was watching and it didn't stop him - it's not something he's ever done before and he's not a naughty boy.

I tidied it immediately after - 1st  photo below - to show him order restored and we are now on Wednesday and he's let it remain tidy - phew!

There are several signs of us being in Terrible Twos territory and I think this is just one of them.

But it is getting easier and easier to communicate with him.  His vocabulary has always been above average but he's now making little sentences and it is beautiful to see - or rather hear.

He's such good company when I can have little chats with him.

Despite the sabotage of my sitting room and the attempted sabotage of my phonecall I love my little man to bits.

What's your little one got up to?

when order was restored after he did the below

He looks at his handy work - there he is at the back.  The space behind him is where the books normally are!
My little room destroyer!

Obviously I took a photo of the mess before I tidied. I am a Mummy Blogger after all :-)
It quite tickled me for some reason.  I think because he did it so methodically.  It wasn't done in a tantrum style.

Liska x

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  1. Love this post, Liska! Made me smile :) I love reading blogs from other Mums, it's so funny reading about other people's experiences with their wee ones, makes me wish my wee boy was wee again and making me go grey with frustration...


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