Saturday 30 June 2012

Who's The Mummy?

I think today Aaron was mummy; he was in charge!

I found the words: "who's the mummy here?" going round in my head a lot today.

Because we walk everywhere, miles and miles, he is always in the buggy, but on the way back from the cafe (where I had an all day breakfast, thanks to Nickie's earlier tweet):

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, on the way back from the cafe, Aaron decided to do a Houdini and climb out of the buggy even though it was moving.  This just does not happen! Till now!

It was a long walk to the supermarket and I did not have reigns with me - not that we've used them in months anyway. 

So I had to push the buggy and keep saying "stay away from the road" and "stay with mummy". 

Thank God he understood as we were on a busy road.  At any point he could have made a run for it, but thank God he is on the cusp of being sensible, so he stayed on the house side of the buggy, instead of road side, all the way there.

The foyer of the supermarket has a Bob The Builder coin operated toy and Aaron insisted on climbing in, and as he was not in the buggy I could not stop him.

Then he said "money Mummy".  Oh so I am the mummy after all, maybe?  Unfortunately he rinsed me dry and STILL had a meltdown when I took him out, even though he smiled when I said now THIS is the last turn, okay!!!

Then made a novelty of him pulling a basket on wheels for me, but when it veered the wrong way he took the pack of cheery tomatoes out and threw them across the floor.  A man joked "oh he didn't want them then".

I was so grateful for his sense of humour.  I was glad I did not do a Back to the Future and see me of a few years ago, because I would have had a very disapproving face on me!

He then had a physical meltdown, and I decided to not only put him in the buggy but do ALL 5 of the harness straps, so he was NOT going to climb out again.  As I was doing this he was arching his back and I had to practically fight him to get him in.  A lady with a younger child looked very disapproving and I made myself feel better by thinking this could be you one day...

Anyway, he was very well behaved from that point on and all the way home, and it was like it never happened and now he's watching a DVD after a large glass of apple juice.

So I didn't have to think "who's the Mummy?" for long, thank God, as being made redundant it's the only job I have left... don't want to lose both in one week.

But it's kind of made up my mind that maybe I don't need to get a new stroller after all, as he probably is near enough ready to walk everywhere but I had my heart set on a Maclaren XT but now out of work I just can't justify it.

This is a picture of my breakfast and Aaron's kid's meal.  Yes, I am easily led.  Got showered and dressed and out as soon as I saw Nickie's tweet, even though I was shattered and vegging until that  point, as I was exhausted after a strained week at work.

Aaron's kids meal and Ribena - we don't do Fruit Shoots (ladened in Aspartame!)

My naughty all day breakfast

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