Monday 23 July 2012

Day 01 of the Master Cleanse - AKA The Lemonade Diet


I am starting the Lemonade Diet today (Master Cleanse).  If you are considering doing it the FIRST thing to do is to read the Stanley Burroughs book: The Master Cleanser. I got mine on kindle but can't seem to find a link to that on right now.

I personally have weight to lose before a large wedding on 10th August.  The advantage of the Lemonade Diet is that what comes off is waste! You don't lose muscle tissue or flesh, like with other crash diets.  So the last time I did it my rolls on my tummy disappeared and to look great at this wedding that is what I need to happen again.

I know I am cutting it fine (to anyone who doesn't know that expression, I mean "leaving it late"), but there is a reason for that.  I did the Lemonade Diet months ago and went from a size 18 to 16 (having only done it for 9 days).  As the wedding was months away at that point, I was then going to lose the remainder of the weight by eating healthily, to go from a 16 to a 12.  At the beginning of the year I had promised myself I would be a size 12 for this wedding.

I kept the weight off that I lost, for weeks and weeks as my portions had naturally got smaller, and I was naturally choosing healthier options, i.e. I was drawn to more alkaline food naturally, like greens etc... and was drinking more water.

However, early May, my employer went into administration and my way of dealing with it those first few weeks was to regularly eat a bag of kettle chips with 1-2 bottles of beer.  By June, I had my 3 tummies back and they were a proper overhang for my holiday in Ireland in July - lovely! I was so stressed at that time, that was what I needed to do, so I won't beat myself up over it, or I won't any longer.

So I now want to get back to where I was a couple of months ago; practically a flat tummy with NO muffin top and jeans that do up easily without strangling my abdomen!

I simply have to do it again now... and maybe even better as I plan to be strict and do the full 10 days without any cheating.  I would have loved to have done 20 days (the diet recommends 10, 20 or 40 days).  When I came back from Ireland on 16th July I worked out I'd have time to do the 20 days before the wedding and have time to "wean off it" before the wedding, but as I have left it till today to start, I think I am best to opt for 10 days now.

I am also fed up of buying clothes in larger sizes, so had wanted any money I spend on an outfit to be for a 12-14 one.  I really resent buying 16-18 clothes.

Now with doing this diet now, I can't buy my outfit till nearer the wedding when I have lost the weight and that is more last minute pressure!

I hadn't planned it this way at the beginning of the year, but I'll now deal with where I am now at!
But this time I will blog and vlog my progress, hopefully inspiring someone out there in the cybersphere!

Bye for now.
Liska x
(I will vlog later if I feel up to it) :-)

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