Tuesday 24 July 2012

I have SERIOUS paddling pool envy

Aaron's still at nursery Tuesday Wednesday Thursday as if I am still working.

Today after I dropped him off, I noticed when I got home that neighbours to the right had all their grandchildren in the garden with a paddling pool.  You couldn't fail to notice the giggling and the splashing noises and the wet clothes hanging on our dividing fence, but Aaron was none the wiser given that I'd already dropped him off.

But then during the day, neighbours to the left were all out in their garden also with a paddling pool.

You can't blame any of them - there is NOT a cloud in the sky and it is 29 degrees in London today (they say it will be 31 tomorrow).

But tonight I let Aaron cycle round on his tricycle while I took the washing off the line, and he could hear the antics from house on the left as they had a radio on loud as well as splashing and giggling and he said "what dat Mummy".  Then he tried to climb up the fence, which is too high to see over (even for me), and then he tried to look through a hole in the fence.

Then being the clever chap he is, he said "Mummy cuddle" and then tried to climb up me, so he could look over the fence. He still wasn't tall enough.

He could not at all understand the concept that we were in our garden and they are in theirs.  He wanted to just go in, in any way he could.

Given that I'd already had paddling pool envy all day, I wasn't taking this too well, so we have come indoors now.

On so many levels our garden is not capable of having a paddling pool but maybe I have to find a solution.

Until now it has not been an issue as we have had such a crap Summer.


Liska x


  1. We have the tiniest paddling pool in our garden - from pound land and just enough space for my 11 month old to sit in it but he loves it! We only have paving so I put down mats under it too x

  2. How big is your yard? paddling pool only needs to be big enough to get wet :) A large washing up bowl will do, or line a big cardboard box with plastic and fill it up...

    And think about a trip to Hackney - big old paddling pool which is free in London Fields park. Just gorgeous.

  3. I can only say the same as above really - a big bowl of water would do, they just love splashing and getting wet. Or we have a really cheap sand and water table from sainsbury - half for sand play and half for water, came with a few accesories and voila - lots of fun! although Noah is eating the sand at the moment.....! hope there's a way Liska x


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