Friday 20 July 2012

ME on the RADIO - LBC 97.3 tonight! Topic of Conversation: The Olympics


Last night I was on
If you are still up and you are in the UK please tune into LBC 97.3 at 3 a.m. to hear me, in a panel of 4, talking with Duncan Barkes about the London Olympics.  We were invited in, so that real Londoners could give their views on the forthcoming Olympics, coming to a City near you in just 7 days....

If you are anywhere in the World, you can listen to LBC 97.3 at

Here is the Olympics Panel speaking: listen to me here.

Here are the photos.  Such an enjoyable way to spend my night :-)

An absolute honour!

The reception - their offices are in Leicester Square - should I say "recording studios"?

View of Leicester Square from the "green room"

Me and the view - self portrait!

Inspirational posters in the green room

Inspirational posters in the green room

Inspirational posters in the green room

The "Olympics Panel" - real LBC 97.3 listeners and Duncan (me in red!)

Thank God Cat took the photo again :-)

Me @NewMumOnline and @CatFarnsy (Duncan's producer)

Duncan and Matt (the 16 year old on the panel) who represented the voice of Sport and Youth!

Same again!

The panel, Duncan, Cat and the LBC logo (yes we got a guided tour of LBC studios) - LONDON'S BIGGEST CONVERSATION
 While I was acting like a celebrity on the radio, my baby was asleep in the car with Daddy (as below) - Daddy who gave me a lift there and home - thank you Daddy :-)

My wonderful sleeping lad xxxx

LBC 97.3 thank you so so much for the opportunity - thoroughly enjoyed it!

Liska xxx


  1. Loved it!! You did really well lovely lady :-D

  2. You sound great - just listened to the audioboo.

    1. Thank you so so much - means a lot.
      Will listen to yours later today - promise.
      Getting ready for 12:30 mass right now.
      Aaron dressed; now for me.
      Liska x


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