Wednesday 18 July 2012

My NEW beginning and Vlogging

Being the NEW ME, I've decided that in addition to being a mummy blogger, my new start will involve a lot of Vlogging, and they will be stored on my very own You Tube Channel.

Here is my very brief first attempt, in this series, although I have vlogged a couple of times before.
As you can see below it is very off the cuff, and the real me!

Let me know what you think.

Liska x


  1. I also have a YT channel - I don't find time to blog but the videos were getting to be so much so here it is

    I am going to subscribe to you now!

    1. Thanks he is gorgeous.
      I have subscribed back :-)
      Aaron's 26 months and counting to 14.
      He can sing the whole ABC song now :-)
      Liska xxx

    2. I didn't start on the ABC song yet! I shall, soon. Clever Aaron!

    3. Oh when they start singing they don't stop. On the bus back from Ally Pally this evening we had about 5 songs on the go (me, Aaron and his cousins) much to the amusement of a packed out bus :-)


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