Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Importance of Reading to Babies and Toddlers

Aaron owns about 40 books, the majority of them bought by me.

I really want him to enjoy books as I always have done, and I fully understand that they will form the basis of his speech development providing a great source of learning and entertainment.

When we came back from Ireland, both nursery and the inlaws all commented on how Aaron's speech had developed and we were only away for 10 days.

It didn't happen by itself, it was the result of quality time like this.

That loud annoying voice that isn't Aaron's or my Mum's is me - sorry!

Here you go, if you fancy watching some reading time with a 2 year old (having turned two in June 2012).

Liska x


  1. Baby M got a library card when she was a month old and I read to her most evenings. She prefers to eat books than listen at the moment, but I'm sure that will change.
    At our library there is no fine for books damaged or lost if taken out on a child ticket which means I can save most of her books until she's a bit older

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      I have been madly busy the last 2 years so hadn't gone to the library, BUT all the books Mum read him in Ireland (the ones in the video) were all from my Mum's library as she is more organised than me LOL.
      Liska xx

  2. Looks like we've both been making little videos (yours is far more peaceful ;)) Your mum has an authoritative, yet serene air about her so I'll bet your son loves reading time with her.

    Babyzoid had a phase of not being interested at all in books when she'd always loved them, preferring them over toys. Thankfully she's getting the bug back and regularly settles in to my lap for a story - though she totally tries to take over, often turning 3 pages at a time! *sigh*

    1. My Mum will be OVER the moon to hear that :-)

      And it is very true too.

      Ha ha she sounds so cute. Glad she is getting the bug back.

      Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by


  3. Reading is so important, if they learn to love it from the time they are small it will stay with them forever!

  4. Love this vid Liska! Sorry, haven't been able to comment til now (for some reason, my employers have blocked any video streaming capabilities due to unproductiveness in staff?!) Anyway, brilliant vlog yet again!

    Aaron is so advanced compared to what Ryan was like at 2. Ryan was a very late talker, could say words, but wasn't really stringing them together properly. I'm sure your Mum was so pleased to be involved in reading with him as she doesn't get to see him very often, it must be so nice to see how much he has progressed since your last visit to Ireland!

    I hope Aaron keeps his enthusiasm for reading, Ryan used to religiously ask for a story every night (need new books as the ones he has have been read cover to cover that I, and Ryan, know them off by heart!) He has lately not been so fervent in asking for a story as Ben10 has taken over and I don't like reading him comics at bedtime...

    10/10 for your vlog - loving the wee man as usual! Well done Aaron, you clever boy :-)

    1. You have totally humbled me with this comment. Love ya girlfriend.
      Liska xxx


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