Tuesday 7 August 2012

A Response To An Anonymous Comment on my last post

"After reading through your post, a few things stood out for me. I think it was wrong to rely on being chosen so you could get your free holiday".

I think I made it abundantly clear I was naive in this respect so I see this point as overly critical!
"Plenty of people don't even get the chance to go away once let alone twice in one year, but the Olympics are only on for a month and a half, plenty of opportunity to get away outside of the Olympics".
Please don't comment on my life. My trips to Ireland are (1) due to redundancy and (2) for a big family wedding. They are not family holidays which I had looked forward to with respect to Butlins with a good and open heart albeit naively. But ah you can't even comment in your own user ID. Ah spineless eh?
"Regarding your tots getaway, I wouldn't say you got 'NOTHING' out of it, tots members were given a heavily discounted rate to stay there last December, which they didn't have to do".
I think my Shoreline post amongst others shows exactly what I got out of it and by the way the price was the only thing that makes an unknown entity attractive. At a time of year when prepping for Xmas was my utmost concern. Given that I spent December making 14 people redundant it was a tight and stressful squeeze so the price and meeting other bloggers was the only thing that got me there. Falling in love with the place was an unexpected bonus!

"Your post certainly reads like you only did those 8 posts to get a free holiday, something which I am sure you weren't asked to do, but expected to be chosen".
 Er no, it doesn't read like that and a quick read of the 8 posts easily done by a Butlins search on my blog confirms the spirit and timeline they were wrote in.

Plus why would I do that when I didn't know they were doing scheme this year. I suggest you speak to @TiredMummyofTwo who will explain that the only thing I was passionate about was getting HER made an ambassador as she was one in all but name!

Also, first I heard of 2012 scheme was the BritMumsLive email, so your point is petty and factually incorrect.
"Plenty of applicants, with originally only 20 places available, but they extended it to 40, pretty good of them I should say".
A commercial endeavour to capitalise on influential opinion leaders with an active interest in brand. End of!
"By saying that you have done 8 free posts, you chose to do that hoping it would guarantee an ambassador spot, and when you haven't got one, saying it was nice knowing them is a little childish".
See above. I disagree!
"Butlins do a lot for the parent bloggers out there, but they will never be able to please everyone, I would say they don't even need to rely on having ambassadors as they are big enough and popular enough on their own".
Butlins have a large population's mindset to overcome. People are unaware of the Butlins of late and regular advertising channels do not change that. Trust me on this. I have heard it from a Head of a Department. Bloggers will play a crucial role in updating their perceived brand identity. This is a commercial win win pursuit. Not charity.

I am quite disappointed by all of your comment. You've not even made 1 remark that's true.