Monday 20 August 2012

Being Back from Holiday

Well maybe you have to do things twice to get a good result.

When I came back from Ireland in July the hubby had broken 2 of Aaron's bowls, didn't collect us from the airport (work), didn't have bread and milk in, and left a PILE of dishes in a VERY dirty sink.

Roll forward and we went to Ireland again, in August, this time for a family wedding, and things were very different this time.

He changed his day off so that he could collect us from the airport.

He bought sandwiches and drinks for the car journey.

Upon arriving home, washing up etc.... all done.

And the day before we flew home he texted to ask what I wanted in, so he HAD got bread, milk, croissants etc...

My only criticisms.
We got a new TV recently and I'd wanted him to take care of getting the old one collected by the council.  Our new one was our 1st flat screen so the old one has a large back on it and is taking up an 8th of my bedroom, in a corner that is usually much used!

He only bought what I asked him to (i.e. apart from that the fridge was empty) and there were lots of out of date yoghurts in the fridge and Aaron really wanted one.  He took them out of the fridge so many times I had to throw them all away to take them out of sight.

I REALLY wanted him to have the carpets cleaned when we were away. Impossible when Aaron's around, but us being away for 11 days provided the perfect opportunity - I said the same in July - really gutted this has not been done!


BUT our first evening back and he treated us to an evening at Table Table.  That was appreciated.  Pic below:

Aaron had a play in the beer garden.  We all enjoyed our meals - as above - with Aaron even finishing his spaghetti.

It's much needed to get a welcome return, when coming home from holiday is as hard as it is.

Such a shame that I then went into a black hole the following morning - another blog post to come.

Liska xx

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  1. Hey Liska!! Sorry I've not commented lately... Busy busy! Glad you had a better homecoming this time around (even with the lack of yoghurts for the wee man, at least u got a lovely meal at Table Table - I hope you were spoilt with a yummy dessert?! ;)


Drop me a line, and I will visit you right back - as soon as I get chance. Thanks for your comment.