Wednesday 1 August 2012

Inner Truth - Week 13

Inner Truth

Sorry, it would appear that the last Inner Truth linky post was 19th July so technically I have missed a week.

But, what's a week amongst friends eh?  If you would like to join in, the linky is at the bottom - just write a relevant post and LINK IT UP! You know it!

And today is when I am ready and inspired for a natural (unforced) update.

Today, my theme is, let the old make room for the new.

Or, what also sits well with me, is new day, new start, new month = 1st August.
(The month when I transform).

So, today I went shopping for a dress as I am going to two weddings in August.  This shopping trip was after a trip to the Job Centre (no don't ask!)....

Anyway, I found myself in Marks and Spencers and I bought THIS DRESS... it is Per Una and £49.50.  I love it!

Product Image
M&S new in - £49.50
Anyway, new dress meant the need for a new bag, so I found myself in TK Maxx where I bought this Oriano bag (not that I have heard of that designer before) but the colours go really well together.  Look!

What happened next is KEY!

I decided to get a PURSE to match the new bag that was to match the new dress (I know where does it end).  I deserve it, I have a YUK Primark £5 purse - what sort of prosperity is THAT going to attract.

Anyway, when I got home I decided to empty my current PRADA bag (a gift from an old boss).

To say what happened next was cleansing, is an understatement.

This is how many receipts fitted in that LITTLE bag:

You can't see in this photo, but the pile is DEEP and they all fit in that TINY Prada handbag!

I'd already decided to throw it away but then noticed this hole, when taking photo, once empty! So that confirmed my decision!

This is the gorgeous new purse - yes it is orange!

To show just HOW MANY receipts there were I have rolled them up! Look how tatty that gross brown purse is!
Anyway, because I love the purse so much, and wanted to know if I got value for money, I googled it when I got home.  TK Maxx normally show the RRP and THEIR price, but as it had a store generated ticket on it, this was not the case.

Anyway I found this pink one online, (mine is orange) and was delighted to find that it retails at £87 as I paid £19.99 for it and it is leather AND suede lined.  Yes Google also informed me that what I have in fact bought is a travel wallet but I don't care, I love it, and it goes with the colours in my dress and is large enough that on the night, I can dump the bag down and use it as a clutch bag :-)

So, feng shui might be out of fashion but I certainly feel as if I have done some and feel all the better for it.

If you are new to my blog you will wonder what all of this has to do with Inner Truth.  Well! The whole thing with this linky is it is about journalling a personal inner journey and THAT is what I am on.

So the receipts will all be burned and the old bag and the old purse will be binned.

For me, August is all about clearing the past to make way for the future.

Liska xx

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So far, Midlife Singlemum has linked up with this great post, where she gave her wardrobe an overhaul with some new purchases, to get her out of the safe bet of a t-shirt - Inner truth is all about challenging the status quo and getting out of your comfort zone for personal and inner discovery and growth!


  1. I can't believe you wrote this today! I also went shopping, have photographed all my purchases and was intending to write it up as soon as DD is in bed. When I saw you had an Inner Truth post I wondered if new clothes would be appropriate for the linky. Ha! I'm so linking up later. And your new outfit is gorgeous. I wish you well to wear it in good health and enjoyment.

  2. Hi lovely lady! Sorry, I've been v quiet lately... Loving the new dress, bag and purse - very chic! What date is the wedding in August, 10th is it? I hope you have a fab day in your gorgeous new outfit! :)


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