Thursday 2 August 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful is being hosted at Seasider in the City this week.  Michelle is taking a well deserved break.  Although she is not hosting the linky she still wrote a kick-ass post! that I really enjoyed reading.... maybe I can relate to the fact that she loves her boy as I love mine, or maybe I just loved the soppy tone of it and how mutually appreciative their relationship is - I can only wish that Aaron grows up to be like JJ :-)

So, my reasons:
  1. As per one of my posts this week, I got a new dress for two weddings I am going to in August, and I'm really happy with it PLUS the handbag AND the new purse:-)
  2. We are having a lovely play-date with Siobhan tomorrow.
  3. The first of the August weddings is Saturday.
  4. We go to Ireland Tuesday :-) quality time with Aaron and my Mum.
  5. We'll get to go swimming lots in Ireland and Aaron will get great outdoors time/freedom.
  6. I am starting to get a bit more clarity in my life.
  7. I didn't lose weight for these weddings but am okay with it.
  8. My blog is consistently hitting 600 page views a day now - happy with reaching the target I set myself for fun (as I was made redundant 5th July it was fun when I got back from Ireland on 16th July, to set myself a target as a challenge).
  9. As per my What Makes me Smile post I have made up with my Sister in Law.
  10. With my Dad being back in my life (for nearly 2 years now) that just leaves my cousin Debbie to reach a reconciliation with, but she seems to be a toughie!!! No, that is NOT a reason to be cheerful.
  11. The weather is picking up - last Saturday Aaron's nursery had a fun day and I even got sun burned!
  12. The Olympics seems to be going well - apart from all the bits where it's not (like the empty seats etc...)
  13. I've done loads of housework and CAN see the wood for the trees now.
  14. I am going to the Brit Mums event on Monday.
  15. That reminds me I got a £39.99 early bird ticket for Brit Mums Live 2013... Go here if you want one as they are only available till 6th August.
  16. I think I'll draw a line here - that's enough reasons... :-) oh I will squeeze one in.  Thanks to the recommendation of the Mummy Whisperer (aka Lisa) I am reading Demartini's books and he has something called an Attitude of Gratitude that he recommends.  So I am VERY HAPPY to say that participating in Reasons to Be Cheerful is fully in keeping with my reading of his books, and the internal journey it is sending me on. 

Liska x