Friday 17 August 2012

Why So Many Chemtrails today - 17th August 2012

I have just got back from Ireland and the first thing I noticed today, was how hot it is here! Phew it is hot.  But to be fair I was blessed with the weather I got there, considering the Summer they had had before I arrived.

Well I couldn't believe what I saw in the UK today when I got out of the car.  They were even more noticeable given that I saw none in Ireland.

I am used to seeing a FEW here, but what the heck was going on today?

Take a look - I personally took these photos TODAY:


  1. that is so weird that you should post this as I took a picture of the sky just as I got into my road as I could see the exact same!

    1. I know it is crazy and so blatant, and after coming back from Ireland where it doesn't go on, it was so very noticeable.
      But today in particular there seems to be even more than normal.


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