Monday 24 September 2012

Dishes Dishes and More Dishes!

How does washing up work in your house?

I know a lot of couples say: "If I cook dinner will you wash up?" And in a lot of houses it goes without saying...

Well last Thursday I cooked a GORGEOUS dinner and hubby said he would wash up that night - me and Aaron went to bed.

That night he had cave man time down time instead and left me a note that he would wash up in the morning.  Next morning he only gets up with enough time to get ready for work so the dishes are left.  So I very visibly did them in front of him.  But then at a later time, I also had to do all the saucepans - I'd used Saladmaster and there were a lot to wash.

I was so angry I swore I would never make him dinner again (I do the bulk of the washing up since Aaron was born).  And after 2 years+ I have just about had enough.

Anyway yesterday I spent 3 hours tidying the kitchen followed by 2-3 hours cooking.

Dinner was beautiful and it was on the table the minute he got in from work.

He really enjoyed it and said he would wash up.

I knew he wouldn't and sure enough, neither last did nor this morning did he....

So as he is off today I went into his cave the study and asked why not.  First he tells me he will wash up when he runs out of dishes or cutlery.

When I looked absolutely aghast, he then said: "Well we don't have a clear sink policy do we?"

No, I may go to bed without washing up, as I quite often go to bed with Aaron but what he doesn't see is that I always then do the washing up the following morning (usually fuming as he never does).

Yes then there is washing up there again when he gets in, but it is different washing up.

BUT ever since I cleared the kitchen out to make room for the juicer I am trying to make more of an effort and have a kitchen I can be proud of, hence spending yesterday tidying it.

He always CLAIMS to want a tidy home, yet I find he does not meet me half way!

So then, he has stayed in his cave all morning this morning and then he came to the kitchen to throw his arms around me, about 30 minutes ago, to say "Aaron, you did not know Mummy was a champion ten pin bowler at University".

To which I said "No, Mummy is now a champion bottle washer" (when he'd approached me I was washing all of Aaron's bottles having already done last night's plates AND cutlery and sterilised all of Aaron's bath toys).

It was probably a white flag moment but as I didn't seize it as such, hubby stomped off.

Yes, Aaron is still on bottles at 27 months.  He has one every morning, at every afternoon nap, and every night.  I know a lot of people take them off them at 10 months and a few months after, but we are not following that model.

As with other things, I will know when he is ready.  (Plus he has never ever had a dummy).

Anyway, I digressed.

I am fed up of being Chief Bottle Washer!  I didn't know I would become a sterotypical wife, chained to the kitchen sink, just because we had a baby.

And it is not because I am out of work at the moment; he was like this even when I was busy doing long hours in my 3 days a week.

Fed up of it.  And yes, husband I DO WANT A CLEAR SINK POLICY!

The above has been on pause, not published yet... and now... I come back with a new gripe that happened at about 13:30 today:

Oh God about 10 minutes ago he said I need Jo Frost! Just because I wanted him to hold Aaron while I made scrambled egg on toast and because Aaron wanted me, he now thinks he is spoiled.

NO MAN! All you needed to do was read to him or engage him in some way and he would not have wanted mummy and neither of you would have needed to enter the kitchen, and this whole "Super Nanny" pointless conversation would never have happened.

God he makes me so angry my blood boils!

It would never have happened if he got on the floor and played with the trains with Aaron...!

Liska xx

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  1. I think what happened over the summer and after this post, we have established that your husband is useless in the kitchen. There must be something that he can do (or does already)that could be his job and relieve you of all responsibility. Obviously it's not washing up. The garden, if you have one? Of course the car as you don't drive yet. Paying the bills and dealing with other paperwork (although you must always know what's happening financially as well)? Repairs and DIY?


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