Wednesday 12 September 2012

Meet Some Inspirational People

In a recent blog post I referred to the soil that we are in being important, i.e. our environment influences us.

In another post I referred to how we need others to motivate/inspire us.  Quite literally, "the people next to you control your potential" i.e. choose your peers, friends, acquaintances wisely!  Live Your Legend talks about this A LOT.

I want to introduce you to a few inspirational people.

Okay, so the first one... SARA CAMPBELL
... I have NOT seen in years.  We did our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training together, and for a few years stayed in touch but lost touch as she moved to Egypt. 

As I would like to start up a Kundalini Yoga website I recently Googled her, and was very impressed and very surprised by what I found. 

I ended up reading articles about her (on Mail Online etc...) and watching all her You Tube videos.  When I told my friend about her, she said "yeah I saw a documentary about her". 

Oh my God, I know knew this girl and look what she is doing now... I was completely gobsmacked.  Look what a human being is capable of!  I spent hours on the computer that night, but the inspiration left me a few days later.  I am glad I am revisiting it now.

... My friend Siobhan's husband is a Chef.  When Siobhan met him he was running a Bar Restaurant in Spain, with a dream of opening a restaurant one day.  He then moved to the UK to marry Siobhan, and they now have 2 adorable children.  Entrepreneur Ben Fordham head-hunted him and made him his Head Chef (aka: Executive Chef) and now not only have they opened several restaurants together (Goodge Street, Covent Garden, Oxford Circus and Kings Cross), they have now written a book together

I will be going to one of the many book launches shortly. 

I am very excited for him. 

I have held the book in my hands and it is STUNNING to say the least.  From humble beginnings he has made this book possible.  It is quite literally a dream come true.  I wish him (and Ben) every success.

... Creator of Live Your Legend.  Every time I get a newsletter from him it inspires me.  That is all!

Fourth one... JON GABRIEL
... And what prompted reminded me to write this blog post, even though I'd intended to write it weeks ago about Sara and Felipe, was an email that just pinged into my email inbox.  I am including this as it is quite topical at the moment due to 9/11.  Meet Jon Gabriel.

And let's end on a high with the fifth and final one... the late: STEVE JOBS
...If you watch this Steve Jobs talk/video - which Scott Dinsmore brought to my attention - you will hear the following words from Steve Jobs (you can understand why they are meaningful to ME at the moment):

"I loved what I did... only way to be truly satisfied is to do great work... and the only way is to LOVE what you do.... as with any great relationship, you'll know when you find it... DON'T SETTLE!"


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