Friday 14 September 2012

My New Juicer - I am going to juice it to lose it!

I got a new juicer delivered and I am quite literally in love with it.

It is my new family member and I cleared out a whole corner for it.

My husband has had a 1980s style ghetto blaster taking up a whole corner of my kitchen for 11 years and I have many times asked him to move it and been ignored.

A few years ago I even bought him a DAB digital radio for Xmas on the condition that the new sleek would replace the old bulk, but he uses the DAB in the spare room GGGgggrrr.

We rearranged the kitchen in 2010 to make room for sterilisers and bottles for Aaron's arrival - even then with mother and mother in law asking him to move it, he still didn't.

Anyway I knew that my juicer was on the way, and I told him (not asked) that I was moving the stereo.  And hey presto I have room for my juicer (you only use it everyday if it is easily accessible, not in a cupboard).  Anyway it has changed the kitchen vibe, as it is that corner that grabs you when you walk in and it now shouts health!


Here's my juicer, and my juicing corner.  Also shows what happened when I tried to make Aaron his first juice (sniff) and he is one of the reasons I got it to try and get his 5 a day into him:

I will be regularly blogging/vlogging my progress!

After 2 days of juicing I have more mental clarity and energy already.

Liska x


  1. |Good luck - I am watching this space with interest.

  2. good luck, we had one some years back but I hated cleaning. We now have a blender instead and the husband makes lots of revolting looking smoothies, spinach in everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your blog helps you to make sense of some of the things going on in your world.


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