Monday 10 September 2012

Paralympics Closing Ceremony - 9th September 2012

We were those Londoners that did not go to any Olympics' events; neither the Olympics nor the Paralympics.  Do I regret it? A little.

So it was with regret we woke up on Sunday 9th September knowing that the London 2012 Olympic bandwagon was about to "leave town".  Yesterday was the closing ceremony for the Paralympics, but it felt particularly poignant given that it was the end of the whole Olympic experience.

The husband came up with the idea of going to Stratford for some photo ops, while the masses and the street furniture (and most importantly the VIBE) was still there.

So we set off yesterday and spent a few hours there.
I am glad we did.

Then when we got home, we watched the Closing Ceremony on TV.  Anyone else REALLY excited by the vibe Brazil is clearly going to give it all.  They are worthy followers to us.  I would book a flight and hotel right now if I could afford it!

Liska x


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