Friday 21 September 2012

Rain Jacket for a Toddler Boy

I bought Aaron a gorgeous puffy jacket, Thomas The Tank Engine, from Asda last year (I featured it on here at the time). Anyway I bought it in September and it saw him right through the Winter and still fits now.

But the other day I fancied the idea of getting him a rain mac for those days when rain is threatening but it is not cold.

I got this K Way one from TK Maxx, and it even came with dungarees (which he hasn't worn yet) for keeping his legs dry when he wants to jump in puddles.

Anyway for the jacket AND dungarees I paid £14 which I thought was fab and I love Aaron in it.  I dared to get age 3-4 even though he is only 2 and it fits.  Look:

So where do you buys your boy's clothes and does your wee lad have a rain jacket?

These photos were taken yesterday when we were on the way to nursery - that's Mater from Cars that he is holding :-)

Liska xx


  1. Wow, only £14 for both I need a trip to TK Maxx. This would be great fir Tigger, thank you for sharing a ab find x

    1. You know when you are THRILLED with a bargain and it fits him so well and is so cute xx


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