Saturday 27 October 2012

Don't Know The Answers

I oscilate between holding onto social media so tightly that either it strangles me or I strangle it, to the other end of the spectrum where I'd love to close my blog and my Twitter account...

I have been blogging since 13th September 2008 and yet I've never really got into a groove so perhaps I should give up the ghost.  I think in the blogging world I am just a lonely voice that echoes in a cavernous interweb, more emphasis on the web and less on the inter.

Social media is an escape for me, yet I don't enjoy it anymore. In fact I find it painful. Particularly in the past 24 hours.

Anyway enough indulgent introspection, Aaron and I were out this morning.  On the way home on the bus he was being naughty, or rather a typical 2.5 year old, and I was losing the will to live, with the amount of different seats he wanted to sit on*, so I day dreamed for a second, to grab my sanity and he chose that moment to chuck a big wet lump of chewing gum at an elderly couple.  I am convinced some old people regress to kids, as they threw it back at him... When I saw it nearly stick to his jeans on the seat I gave them what for and they looked like they knew they'd overstepped the mark. They tried to insinuate it was his to which I reminded them 2 year olds don't chew gum. Honestly. Such a shame as we'd encountered nothing but wonderful people all morning.

Anyway back to the blog... I don't know what to do with it but I just wish I could turn the clock back to the days when I had some semblance of an online voice...  I think when I just talked to myself at Liska Life (blogged like nobody was reading) I was happier.  You know like how you have more fun when you dance like nobody is watching - such a shame we often need alcohol to do that.  Aaron's asleep now or I would put some music on and blast, and dance!

I used to enjoy listening to the radio, but they spend the whole time benefits bashing now, and it is not funny or interesting anymore - maybe I should stop listening to call-in chat shows and find a good chart music radio channel!

I don't know who I am anymore and I am at the edge of either sinking or swimming.  Flying is not on the cards at present.

Anyway, perhaps something will happen that will lift my spirits, but for today I am wearing sack cloth and ashes and looking at my boots...

* this is particularly scary on a bus as whilst standing between seats you can get thrown to the ground if the bus brakes sharply which they often do.  Trying to get a 2 year old to understand that is like talking to the wall and when a bus is very empty like it is that early in the morning, there are too many seats to choose between...


  1. Don't sink Liska - find your wings and fly xxx

    1. Thanks darling. We exchanged a few comments about running - just so you know I did it only THAT once. So very glad that you kept it up - I need to pop over and cheerlead you on as I only read on phone (the one where you KEPT running once the 30 minutes was up).

  2. Here's the thing. If you choose to write about topical issues which are often controversial, as you do quite often, then you have to accept that some people will disagree with you, some strongly and some in a way that feels like a personal attack. Some will stop following you, unfriend you or whatever. On the other hand you have stood up for what you believe to be right and what you believe needs to be said. It's a trade off. Cosy posts about being a mummy and only warm fuzzy comments from other mummies and relatives Vs meaty posts of wider interest and a mixture of responses, some of them quite aggressive. It's up to you. Personally I enjoy the meaty stuff more.

    1. Thanks darling, as usual you have said exactly what I needed to hear. Once again you ARE my life coach. The ONLY thing you are missing is the salary ;-) xxx

    2. See Liska, you have Rachel and I reading, what more do you need?

      You most certainly do have a distinctive voice love.

      Mich x

    3. Thank God for that (metaphorically AND spiritually) ;-)
      Thanks Darling.
      You guys regularly commenting means more than you will ever ever know.
      Liska xx


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