Thursday 25 October 2012

Joking Aside

The current state of affairs with JS, is turning into a media circus.

As is quite rightly being pointed out, the BBC is being used as a scapegoat with Peter Rippon already (deservedly) a fall guy.  But whereas he has just stepped aside, sadly Liz MacKean has accepted voluntary redundancy, even though she did a sterling job.

But what about the fact that the activity was nationwide, throughout many institutions and many circles of society.  That story won't be told, as if they wrap us up in the BBC story for long enough, we will then be tied up in Xmas, and the story will die.

We must not let that happen.

As bloggers we are like online journalists.

Don't let the story die.

As THIS clearly shows the abuse was in various places (including the NHS) and was far reaching, frequent and NOT always at the BBC; far from it...

Also, don't let it become the butt of piss-taking.  I won't, even if it means taking on tweeters way bigger than me, like I did here.  Luckily he was mature enough to take it in his stride without ignoring or making swipes at me, and I am now glad that the 63 of his followers who retweeted will now see that he DOES have a conscience:

EDIT: we later exchanged some more tweets, and look how it ended beautifully and maturely, from what started as an insensitive joke - by him - that got retweeted by 63 people to an audience of God knows how many :-( but as below it ended well:

The thing with rumours is that they are quite often true.  It was often talked about that JS did not actually complete all of the marathons he claimed to, and now it has finally reached the papers.

You know, as much as I was against the joke above, sometimes comedy is a way of getting the truth out there, although this joke in 2007, by Angus Deayton sadly failed to achieve that, I guess because although the celebs knew, us, Joe Public, did not.  At least we didn't in 2007!

But what you really need to read is this Guardian column by Suzanne Moore, and also listen to the sound cloud that is imbedded within it, as it shows that even as far back as 1988 people WERE talking about what JS was up to.

Forgive all of my JSs but I refuse to name he who cannot be named - he has become the equivalent of Voldemort for me.  And I am so glad that Suzanne did not include any sickening images of him in her Guardian column.

There is a reason it is all about the BBC.  They don't want the general public to get to the heart of the matter.  The high up connections, and the Jersey scandal. 

It is great to see Jersey (and that photo) on a main stream newspaper as it has been doing the rounds on conspiracy websites for years.

That's the thing about a lot of this, people have been shouting about it for a long time, and were labelled and dismissed as conspiracy theorists; no wonder the victims were neither listened to nor believed.

But if we the general public apply enough pressure, the truth will out.

Not Even a Bag of Sugar, very touchingly tells her experience here (non Jimmy related).
In A Bun Dance talks about her feelings on the subject here.

And for anyone who disbelieves how brazen he was, look at this.

Liska x

P.S. I am opening up a linky, so that relevant blog posts linked below, can ensure the story does not go off on a tangent and remains about what is important: the victims.

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  1. I tweeted this post and it appears on twitter but not above where the Tweet icon still says 0. Strange.

    1. Thanks so much, and the "1" is appearing now xx

  2. From someone who has, in the past, asserted one's right to free speech online, I find your response to the Twitter joker confusing. Twitter is a wide church within which there will always be disagreeable bits. Shouldn't we just state our disagreement and move on instead of using it as starch to stiffen a blog post?

    1. Hi, My first reaction was to feel gutted when I awoke to your comment this morning (did not see it last night) BUT I stand by it, as people turning a blind eye to Jimmy Savile is why he got away with it for so long, so I didn't want to turn a blind eye to a tweet I found insensitive. My issue with "free speech" was with being asked to REMOVE a post on MY blog, by a person in authority who everyone agrees over stepped the mark in what her public remit is. I did not ask the chap to delete his tweet, I merely voiced my opinion. The reason it gave me blog material (and starch) is for several reasons. (1) What caused my free speech debacle was my disagreeing with a tweet someone sent (again not even to me) and voicing it. Had she been polite and courteous in her responses to me, as I was in my initial tweet to her (sharing my c-section experience) the whole thing would NEVER have taken place so (2) this post shows that is possible EVEN when the subject material is even more sensitive (3) it also shows that 63 people retweeted him thinking he was taking the piss out of the Jimmy Savile affair, but when challenged on his tweet he was very quick to say his true thoughts on the matter, which I was DELIGHTED with, hence shared it here. He even agreed with me, in a later tweet which I later included above, that the BBC is being used as a scapegoat. When this case comes to its ultimate conclusion you will see how many high up people ARE connected, so having someone with circa 25k followers like him, open up about it, is an achievement as it cannot be brushed under the carpet or become the butt of jokes. Inserting our tweet exchange here was for positive reasons.
      HUN you are one of my all time favourite people online, so I hate to think we will disagree, but we'd be stepford wives if we agreed all the time, so I am not going to worry about that (she says trying very hard).
      Thanks for reading and even greater thanks for commenting.
      Liska xx

    2. by point (2) I meant it is possible to remain courteous to each other (which is all I was looking for in February

    3. HUN, after all that I have just logged into Twitter and actually found a joke about the whole affair which I DO find funny:

      Written by: ‏@Charles_HRH
      One cannot believe people are comparing Jimmy Savile to Satan. Yes, he's evil, but he's not as bad as Jimmy Savile.


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