Monday 1 October 2012

Still Juicing Every Day - nearly

I am missing the *odd* day here and there, like yesterday, but in the main I'd say I am juicing 5 days out of 7.

Just now I used:

a green, red and yellow bell sweet pepper; and
a whole cucumber
a handful of fresh parsley
one golden delicious apple; and
a peeled little lime

It is extraordinarily refreshing, tasty and hydrating.

I hope all these healthy enzymes are zapping round my body and doing me some good.

Used all THREE colours

The little radio that replaced the UGLY one I vlogged (jug was full! I had drunk some when snapped this pic)

So very very little pulp.  But a hell of a lot of juice!
Even though it easily made enough for about 3 people, I have it nearly finished as I haven't had any lunch.

So it's been like a nutritious liquid lunch.

As usual, my juicer of choice pictured, is the KT 100 by Juice Producer.

Aaron is asleep having his afternoon nap.

Liska xx