Friday 19 October 2012

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

One of the lines from the book is "What a beautiful day"
But I would say "what a beautiful book".

I owe a big thank you to Aaron's nursery for introducing me to the book.  They regularly read the book to the children who now know all of the words off by heart.

If like me, you haven't/hadn't heard of it, then take a look here at me reading it to with Aaron:

As we now both love the book so much I am going to buy a copy, because (a) nursery only loans out books for the weekend and (b) it is in a bad state of repair so I would love to see a pristine copy.  Will definitely be picking up a copy in the near future.

If you are already familiar with the book, take a look at this.  It is the author reading the book and Aaron really enjoyed the rhythm of his reading, as did I:

Also, this is a video of the book animated, which Aaron and I REALLY enjoyed BUT whoever made it, totally failed to grasp that the most poignant part of the book is the sad bear at the end, which they failed to include.  As a result as you can see, I left a comment, AND gave it a thumbs down.  Such a shame as it is wonderful to see a book come to life especially when they maintained the integrity of the beautiful illustrations.

Would love to know: have I brought a new book to your attention, or am I late in finding out about an already well known / well loved book?

Liska xxx

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