Thursday 15 November 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful - DISCOVERY, Mexicans and Mumsnet Blogfest

I am participating in Reasons To Be Cheerful for the 1st time in weeks.

Will insert a key to the photos at the bottom *
I am more spiritual than I am religious, despite being a practicing Catholic (my yoga beliefs dominate), but that doesn't stop me loving Mich's post this week.

She's linked to a You Tube video and this is the "line" from there that spoke to me:

"When I call on your name you answer"

Anyway, WHAT are my reasons to be cheerful?  I really need to think (but that is the beauty of this weekly linky: to MAKE you think).  An attitude of gratitude really can transform the world!
  1. I am GRATEFUL to Wildcard PR and Discovery for inviting me to the Supper Club at the @thelondonfoodie which was facilitated by Benito's Hat's Head Chef Felipe Fuentes Cruz doing the cooking, while his boss and co-founder Ben Fordham sat, ate, drank and mingled with us.  WHAT a great night!
  2. On that great night I got to meet lots of fabulous bloggers, including The Domestic Goddesque, The Bottom of The Ironing Basket, Transatlantic Mom, Pasta Bites and Rosana from Hot and Chilli Rosana you are great company and SUCH a laugh.  Your stories of setting fire to a menu (via a tea light) had me in stitches as did much of your conversation.  Thank you for taking my favourite photo of the night.
  3. I was definitely cheerful when I got home from the above on Tuesday night, as the husband was in a BAD mood (as I outlined in my 24 hours post) and yet I was immune to it.  On Wednesday when I was showing him the many Discovery goodies that I received in my goodie bag, he said "oh so that's why you were immune to everything I said Tuesday night" - doesn't that show when someone is being grumpy they notice if you are absorbing it or not, and yet we never made eye contact (he was putting Tesco shopping away and I was making Aaron's bottle).  That's really given me food for thought actually (forgive all these constant references to food LOL).
  4. I am grateful to my friend Jenny, from Gingerbread House (who also writes Treading on Lego) as it was she who told me about Mumsnet Blogfest a couple of months ago, and she told me early enough that I snapped up an early bird ticket and after a great day on Saturday I am so glad that I did.  She was looking RADIANT on Saturday and not one to ever keep anything to myself I told her that too :-)
  5. I am grateful that me and the husband are getting on much better - so much so that I have a post entitled Sommersby in my drafts!!!! Need I say more!
  6. I am grateful that I had a job interview yesterday.  I inserted the quote above "when I call on your name, you answer" as I now want God to give me a job.  I have poodled through the last few months, but I WANT TO WORK.... I need some mental clarity on what is next for me.  God please give that to me.
  7. I am grateful that it is Children in Need this week, as Aaron was able to go to nursery today in his Pudsey PJs that we bought last year in Asda (they still fit him).  When we arrived there was only girls in his room and they were ALL dressed as princesses - bless!  The big TV show will be on Friday - don't let all the drama about the BBC put you off from watching or donating!  As it says HERE there are things happening nationwide!
  8. I am cheerful that I have reached 2,000 followers on Twitter.  Last night I offered to French kiss my 2,000 follower but at midnight when I went to bed it was still stuck at 1,997.  I awoke to a tweeted congrats from what I have now found to be a GREAT BLOGGER Best Dad I can Be as I had got to 2,004 while I slept.  What really made me cheerful was that when I offered out the kiss last night I said "I hope they're not a moose" and someone went to the trouble of setting up a Moose Twitter account so that they could tweet me.  I LAUGHED so much I nearly fell off my chair! Thinking about it still tickles me and I still don't know who did it!
  9. OH I am VERY cheerful, and happy and grateful that The Bloggess wrote a post about me and the fact that I uploaded a video of her at Mumsnet Blogfest.  
  10. Thank you Jenny.  Just to show the power of The Bloggess, when she first published the post, my you tube video all of a sudden had 174 views.  Overnight (time difference) it has now had 4,595 views and 10 likes.  I have decided she is the OPRAH of the blogging world :-)
  11. I got Caitlin Moran's book: Moranthology in my Mumsnet goodie bag, and my friend Jenny got The Bloggess's book, so hopefully once we have each read them we can swap.
  12. Oh I am also very cheerful that Mich (the host of Reasons To Be Cheerful) has answered all of my questions!
I think that is more than enough Reasons To Be Cheerful for now :-)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Liska x

* Key to photos:
  1. Top left is Felipe
  2. Followed by the beautifully laid tables, Ben and the menu
  3. Then Rosana, and lots of examples of what was in my Discovery goodie bag
  4. The bottom photos are me on the way to a job interview yesterday with a couple of snaps taken as I passed through London Liverpool Street (my favourite London station and old stomping ground).


  1. Lovely upbeat post. You are a busy lady these days. Glad you and husband are finding a way to live together. I think for any strong lady, this is always a challenge.
    Onwards and upwards my dear. Onwards and upward!

  2. I do love that line in the song!

    Looks like you have been up to some fab stuff. The one benefit of having some time on your hands.

    Mich x

  3. Lovely reasons. :) Glad to have discovered your blog!


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