Thursday 1 November 2012

World's Gone Mad - Part IV

I wanted my next blog post to only happen once I had met with the boss W tonight but sadly I have another installment.

Due to my 3 page statement, detailing what took place Tuesday, the boss is "investigating" before meeting with me tonight.

As I knew, that would involve speaking to the 2 parents involved (the one who made it via an alternative route and my friend whose son I was minding).

Well my friend just took the call from W, and called me after to update me.

It is not looking good.

The Manager who was with G on Tuesday night locking up, is backing HER version of events (and this was told to my friend - nice!), i.e. that she was "joking" with me, and NOT rude.

Due to this, my friend has already been told I will NOT be receiving an apology as G was NOT rude.

To which my friend told W that she may have to apologise on G's behalf as "L is upset".

Thank God my friend told W we pay a fee and expect a service.  She also told W that she knows me well enough to know I am not exagerating and that I did take it the way I did and am upset.

She was also nice enough to tell W that in the circumstances "she would have been upset too"

W repeated G wasn't rude.

She also told my friend she will be speaking to other people and checking the CCTV.

I HOPE AND PRAY THE CCTV has sound, and I hope my facial expressions and distress are visible on it.

W told my friend that I was unhappy to take Y as I am not his legal guardian (she was reading that out from my statement) but my friend asserted to her that (a) if G hadn't have been rude I would have been and that (b) she would have trusted me to have done so and (c) she said "L wouldn't have liked to have held anyone up so would have done if she'd been spoken to correctly".

God she knows me well.  I would have got my tail out of there quick sharp if I was spoken to courteously, with a comment that started along the lines of "L we are packing up now, are you happy to take Y with you until they arrive, and actually, have you heard from them, are they near?"

Some genuine interest would have gone down a treat.


Ooooh I need to get myself together as I am upset again now :-(

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  1. It's not just the rudeness, it's the attitude that they can fob children off on other parents who are not equipped to take them because they can't be bothered to wait 10 minutes. 600 pounds a month says they should be expected to wait 10 minutes.


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