Thursday 20 December 2012

G+ Seems to be Unstoppable at the Moment - get on the runaway train

Until now, most of us were ignoring G+ using the excuse that it's shite! But you know what, it is a train that is adding a new carriage every day, and it's gone from a little chugging steam engine, waiting for passengers, to now being a highspeed rail network, that's quite happy to speed ahead leaving people in its wake.

Board the train now, I say, or get completely left behind.

A few of us set up a profile MONTHS ago, that we kind of tinker with.

BUT now the done thing is to set up a page.
You hadn't even embraced that yet, and you're also now being asked to join or set up a community.

Yesterday, as above, I was asked by Google to turn on notifications for all of my circles and create a community.

I do have a baby one called Praying Parents.

Now this morning, I turn on my blog to be told I can @mention people straight from a post.

Okay, here's me giving it a go right now.

Only the day before yesterday +Nickie O'Hara admitted to not having a page.  A few of us fainted, picked ourselves up, and told her to get on with it.

But the thing with Geeks like +Nickie O'Hara is that when they do something they do it right!  If you go to her new page: +Geekalicious you won't in anyway think it is brand new.

For example, I have had mine a few weeks and am on 4 followers and she's had hers two days and is already on 56 (last time I looked it was 26).

So hence why I say, the train is speeding up.  People are boarding, and they are boarding fast.

I find this video - below - a little sinister as what it is saying is if you don't find Google, it will find you.

It's a bit Google is Gonna Get Ya:

But it is true and accurate.

So get on board the speed train and don't be a late adopter, but you know what, at this stage we already are.

But we had an excuse, until now we didn't like it very much.

The thing with my "page" is it will not let me put people in circles until they are following me.  BECAUSE the page is for brands/companies, so it doesn't want you to be able to spam people who haven't elected to get involved with you.

Below is the message I got when I tried to follow Nickie from my page:

This is despite the fact that we ARE already following each other's profile.  The PAGE is independent of that.

So, I am now in the position where my profile has over 100 people but my page has like FOUR, as I didn't until very recently realise the importance of the latter.

Yes, if I had known, those 100 people would be on my page... but you live and learn.

I am writing this, so that if you join G+ you do things right from the start :-)

Oh and I cannot end this post without mentioning +Rosie Shelley  who is the G+ Guru of the Mummy Blogging world, so make her the first person you follow/add to circles.

Liska xxx


  1. Great post - I am hooked......bye bye facebook!

  2. Serious Q - will blog pple be congregating on G+ rather than on twitter soon, in the way that pple I know in real life congregate on fb?

    1. It's starting to happen... There are now "communities" - are you a member of the Brit Mums one?
      Do you have a profile and a "page"?
      Liska xx

    2. I have a profile but not a page. I'm reluctant as I already feel connected to my blogging community via twitter. I'll check it out when I have a bit of time. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I have a profile but I don't have a page either! I was one of the first to set up my account but then got fed up with it! I must go and have a go at it xx


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