Saturday 2 February 2013

A 40th With A Difference - Ten Pin Bowling at Westfield Stratford City

So I was 40 yesterday, and we needed to celebrate in a family friendly way, so unlike the BIG BASH I had for my 30th...

Well, we went bowling at Westfield Stratford City and we really made a day of it.

Aaron absolutely LOVES the red cars there (I have blogged about them a few times) so we spent some time "driving" around the centre prior to finding the bowling area.  We hadn't been to Stratford recently so were unaware that the price of the red car has gone up.  You now pay £7 and get £2 back when you bring it back.  It's worth every penny though, and that includes them looking after your buggy (also new since November).

The bowling area is completely in disguise tucked behind a cocktail bar, but we found it in the end.

We had to wait 1 hr 20 mins for our "lane" but it was great as Aaron had a power nap during that time and had a fish finger sandwich and chips.  Once you book your lane, you get given a device that is going to buzz when it is your turn, so you have to stay with it in the restaurant or bar.  We enjoyed doing that as I had a beer while Aaron slept.  There's a good vibe in there.

We were worried that it was a busy Friday night (which it wasn't when we first arrived but it'd got later by the time we got our lane) but there were a couple of children there so it was fine.

We put the gutters up for Aaron (as I noticed his disappointment if the ball went in there) and he played with a metal stand that you roll the ball off. 

Anyway, we had a lovely evening, and I really enjoyed my birthday.



  1. Great way to celebrate - doing what makes you and your family happy.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday!!!!!! Big Love xx


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