Tuesday 19 February 2013

A Fun Filled Morning Poem - Sponsored But ever so FUN

Today was not an average day,
We knew Febreze were on the way.

So breakfast hurried.
Clothes adorned.

"Aaron visitors on the way"
was warned.

Buckets inside and out,
as we helped the ladies out.

Aaron happy to take the stage
While the ladies earned a wage.

The car was left sparkling clean
A real pleasure to be seen.

It smelled quite good,
in fact delightful.

The photos will be
quite insightful.

So here it is
A collage of our morning.

We spent outside
cos Spring is dawning.

This post is not paid for but I have been offered the following, so another post will follow with the stats and the top 10 car cleaning tips:

The Febrezers to come and clean your car
·         Febreze goody bag
·         Stats from our survey on the nation’s car habits
·         The Febrezers Top 10 Car Cleaning Tips

As you can see, the inside of the car was left spotless.  All of Aaron and I's crumbs GONE!  More importantly, being Febreze the car smell was AWESOME.

The hubby left soon after for work, so I will have to ask him if he enjoyed the smell on the way to work.  A nice Spring smell to go with the Spring weather that has decided to bless us!



  1. Replies
    1. Not bad considering (1) I have/had completely lost my blogging mojo.
      (2) am reading "The Woman Who Went to Bed for A Year" and feel like doing exactly that and (3) I got a "job" rejection this morning for a job that I thought was a shoe-in given that I'd had 1st and 2nd interview AND it was on less than half the salary I was on before :-(
      Thank God that Spring has Sprung this morning to lift my spirits.
      Thank you for visiting AND commenting my dearest darling

    2. Wow! Your car looks amazing and your poem, as ever, awesome XX

    3. Thank you darling. And I called the husband and the air freshener that they attached to the car (to the vents that the heat/air comes through) smelled nice on his way to work this afternoon. I said nauseating or nice and he said nice!

      The car looks immaculate inside and out :-)


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