Thursday 7 February 2013

In Memory of MM

With so much time
spent online
With people we've often not met

We grow to love them
Warts and all
Not a day we'd ever forget

It's no wonder
The ties are so strong
When it's to they
Whom we sing our song

Our lives unravel
upon the screen
We know each other so well

So when a loss is felt by one
It pains us all as well

We are Mums
to all the tots

Knowing their stories
and their lots

When one of our stars
That shone so bright
Is suddenly heaven sent

It's like a calling to all our hearts
A feeling that is warm and meant

A prayer to God
A tweet, a comment
A thought, a kiss, a smile

A lot of heartfelt words expressed
With distance much more than a mile

Because that's the beauty of the world wide web
It brings us ever so close.

To those we love and those who care
And to those we miss the most.

In loving memory of MM and MM.
Multiple Mummy and Matilda Mae



  1. Absolutely beautiful, appropriate and very well describes online friendships.

    1. Thank you anonymous. I didn't feel strong enough to comment till tonight, but I saw Jennie's tweet on Twitter tonight, where she asked that someone write something, to help her explain her online presence to her family, and she asked that it include reference to Multiple Mummy. I read it on my phone, whilst lying next to Aaron having just got him to sleep and I felt moved to write immediately.

      I guess with a grief so very raw, it is hard to know what to do, and what to say, but when you see a request that you know you can help with, it is like a call to action.

      Liska xxx

  2. Beautiful, and eloquent as always, may your words offer some comfort, as they have for us, Lou xxx

  3. Liska - that's so lovely! The support shown for both families has been amazing. As a community we are pretty good at holding each other up aren't we x x x

    1. Yes we are, and I am so glad that we all have each other.
      And some times we PHYSICALLY hold each other up too like you did when you met me and brought me back to the station.
      Thanks for visiting

  4. That was really lovely - over the last few months there has been some very distressing news in the blogosphere, but it has also shown what a supportive community it can be. I'm still reeling from the news of Matilda Mae.

  5. I haven't braved keeping up with reading the tweets because my heart just keeps breaking for them everytime - so i didn't see this one but it did occur to me about the MM and i don't know who to suggest it to but in my heart i feel that as a blogging community it would be a longterm legacy of both the dear MM's to have some sort of badge or linky of things we are doing differently with our families because of the impact they have had on our lives. This week, between the tears, I have made sure i spent some true quality time with each of my children, when i wanted to shout at them, i stopped myself and dealt with it in a better way, and I want to remember this forever, that the lives of these two precious people was far from in vain, they will always be remembered because they have changed us and our lives. I am the least technical person and don't really know many bloggers very well so i don't have a clue about who to suggest this idea to - but i just keep wondering if there is something we could do as a community to show how we will always remember them. xxx

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