Thursday 7 March 2013

Chicago Town Pizza - Yummy Dinner and Cheaper than Takeout with Same Flavour!

We were recently sent some vouchers to review pizza and I am so glad that we were as the two we bought and sampled were delicious to say the least.

This is what we thought

When my Mum makes pizza
It is a special treat

We prefer to cook it our way
Then it's good enough to eat

If you call a number
To get pizza from a man

Yes you don't have to cook it
But the price is as big as deep pan

So we prefer to get it frozen
and pop it in to cook

If you'd like to see our pizzas
The pics are here, have a look:

The crust on the Classic Thin has to be tasted to be believed.  Best eaten hot fresh from the oven.

I really recommend getting a wheel for cutting and cutting your pizzas on a chopping board prior to serving up on plates.

The deep pan is deliciously deep as the name on the box suggests.

I'll never have pizza delivered again when I know you can make it at home much more cheaply and it's so yummy.  The last couple of times we've had pizza delivered I have been really disappointed anyway.  These pizzas were far nicer and much more affordable.  The time they take to cook is quicker than the 40 minutes you wait for a delivery anyway :-)

Disclosure:  We were sent vouchers to try the pizzas, but all views, words and pics are our own.

Liska xx

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