Thursday 28 March 2013

My Dream with Slap On

Yesterday I participated in a live G+ hangout for the first time, with Lisa Pearson the Mummy Whisperer.

It got me in touch with myself, so as a result I turned on the webcam and decided to do a test.

I then decided to don my bandana, and do another vid, whilst I tuned in.

Wow I felt the energy come in through my crown and go shooting down both of my arms.

I knew I was hasty in doing it online, as I quite literally looked like a potato head.

Anyway, fast forward to last night and when the husband got in from work I told him about the energy and he said ITUS.  I said "what?" to which he said work it out.  He thought it would take an hour but I immediately said "I TOLD YOU SO" (or in this case it would be I told u so).

He says this as he has been telling me to get back into my yoga since 2010; 3 years.

So I excitedly showed him the second of my yesterday you tube videos.

He looked at the thumbnail and shouted "WHAT are you doing?"?"?" followed by "you look like a potato head!"

I KNEW this myself but I was SO excited that I had tuned in.  I had connected.  I had felt that spiritual connection that has been so lacking.

Anyhow, today I was going to a party at Aaron's nursery (a proper after hours 5 p.m. till 8 p.m. party) where we were allowed to bring the kids.  It was an end of term leaving party for our favourite teacher.

I thought right, let's transform the potato head.  Let's make an effort.

SO what do you think?

The "slap" WAS an improvement! What saddens me is how much I have AGED.

If you compare photos of me as a New Mum (capitalised due to my blog name) to now, I look 10 years older.

It is stress that has done that.

I get stressed about THE smallest of things, since becoming a Mum, and it HAS to stop!

Kundalini Yoga USED to keep me young.  It meant that at the age of 37 I still had a baby face.

I miss it.  I see an old woman in the photo above :-(

Make up may make improvements but it can't hide age............

Oh and the reason for the Heading on this blog post (My Dream) is because I dream about transmitting live meditations and yoga via G+

I just need to get radiant enough to do it and ditch the potato head somehow ;-)

Bye for now,
Liska xx


  1. You are as young as you feel don't they say. Basically don't get caught up too much in your physical image. There are so many more processes to ageing than the physical aspect that are positive! So hopefully your yoga with re energise you and then you can share some of that energy with others.

  2. You're beautiful with and without the slap xx


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