Tuesday 9 April 2013

Magic Moments and Consciousness

I am linking up with the Magic Moments Linky over at The Oliver's Madhouse

Something amazingly magical happened last week.  I was in Court on Friday, and I have known about it since February, given that my hearing was meant to be in March but I got it postponed to April, due to illness and other factors.

Anyhow, I did all the photocopying I was required to do, and made up the five files I was required to bring, but I could not bring myself to go through them and rehearse what I was going to say.  Those nerves and butterflies that get you to take action just weren't there.  It was like I KNEW I wasn't going to Court.  I kept checking my emails and there was nothing to say it had been postponed again, but I know my gut instinct well enough to know that I knew something.  Friday morning I turned up, and all was fine, it was on schedule, so why the feeling?

Anyway being that I am a chatterbox I got talking to someone in the waiting room, and it turned out that there is more to my case than I thought.  The more we talked... the more I realised this conversation was meant to be.

He told me things I would not otherwise have known and gave me permission to share my new found knowledge with the Judge.  Then he paused for thought, and said there is such a thing as a "friend of the court" and he officially (via the Judge's secretary) got himself made a friend of the court for my case.  They got called in first so I sat at the back of their case, and at the end he brought the Judge up to speed.

Anyway the Judge agreed with him, and as a direct result my case has now been "stayed" or adjourned, until the Summer.

It does not mean I will win any more than if I went ahead Friday, but it does have an exciting and far reaching effect that will benefit quite a few other people.  It will be exciting and stressful in equal measure but I am up for it.

What was also magic, is my friend of the court told me the amount I would get and it is EXACTLY the same as the amount dowsing had revealed to me.

Anyway the whole thing has taught me I am on the right path.

Yes I was in the building but I did not go through my files or have my hearing, so, my gut instinct that I did not need to rehearse how I'd present my case, was spot on.

In fact Friday, I was so excited I recorded >>> this G+ hangout to air exactly how I was feeling.

Liska x


  1. Liska, what a fantastic #magicmoment! you must of been under so much stress! I am so glad that you found this person and they were able to help you!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  2. This is very exciting Liska! And you already know that I won't think that was a 'chance encounter'....x


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