Tuesday 9 April 2013

The Gallery - HAPPY

I am spoilt for choice with photos for this week's The Gallery Prompt = Happy.

Tara wrote her intro with regards to the sun coming out, so that was the theme for the below :-)


As you can see from the below, getting washing OUT on the line and bringing it in DRY makes me happy.  Sadly I got a glimpse of this in March and then the weather turned worse and I had another April glimpse.  Can't wait until it is a little more consistent, and we can finally STOP putting the heating on (had it on THREE times today Ggggrrrr).

Aaron is VERY happy when he is feeding the juicer - I chop and pass to him.  Never a problem as he simply loves it. Making and drinking it!

 I am very happy in the great outdoors and when there is washing drying weather!

Aaron happy when climbing. Happy when with Daddy!

Aaron's very happy to be going swimming. This was last Tuesday (a week ago today).

At the moment he loves nothing more than picking up pebbles and THROWING them = HAPPY!

The good weather makes us both happy :-)

Come on Summer, come on sun. You know you want to shine and see all our teeth shine, as we open our mouths to SMILE.

Liska xx


  1. My wee man loves the pebble throwing too! daddy time is always extra special too. bring on more happy sunshine!

  2. i am loving the pictures, i LOVE getting my washing out on the line too :-)

  3. Awww love those photos - in the first lot it looks like a LOT of juice!!

  4. FAntastic set of pics, arranged beautifully! Love the swimming and pebbles one especially!

  5. The pebble throwing sounds very familiar! I love what makes them happy :)

  6. What a lovely post and fantastic photos! x

  7. Lovey picture and I also totally agree about washing drying weather!


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