Monday 22 April 2013

Victoria Park LONDON in Spring 2013

Despite being Londoners, Victoria Park is not somewhere we go as it is slightly too far.  However Saturday morning, the minute Daddy saw the sun in the sky, he decided it was where he wanted to take Aaron so off we all headed.

Where we parked, meant that the first thing we saw on arrival was this lake, and I felt like I was abroad.  Just look.

Once we got over the pleasant surprise of a stunning lake, with a cafe overhanging it (which we did not visit) it was then all about the scooting:

Jenny may recognise the scooter as it was she that gave it to Aaron a long time ago. He makes VERY good use of it - it has quite literally travelled miles!

Then it was all about crossing the bridge to explore the temple:

Just before we found the above temple Daddy decided he wanted to go and re-park the car.  So after the temple, Aaron and I decided we better try and find slides and swings to occupy our time.  I never ever expected it to be as good as it was, and free too!!!!

All of the equipment was wooden and carved beautifully.  If I had fallen asleep in the car, I would have sworn someone had drugged me and that I'd therefore slept through a flight to Scandinavia somewhere...  The park is full of tree houses and chicken shed things etc... you have to see it to believe it quite frankly.  Look at the slide ladder Aaron is climbing up.  It is like steps cut out of a log. Beautiful.  The park is so jam packed with equipment and little ones that you literally cannot look away for a second, as you'd look up and not have any idea where they were. It's not a park where you can sit on a bench and watch them play - well maybe if they're older, but Aaron is not 3 until June this year.

Above he sat on his scooter to eat a bag of mini-cheddars and then later on a park bench to eat a bag of crisps.  Saturday to Wednesday he had Norovirus and has been eating like a gannet ever since. On top of these snacks he still ate lunch, despite eating 3 breakfasts before we left the house :-)

So Daddy had gone AWOL while all the above were taken, but we finally found Daddy and grabbed some lunch, or found lunch and grabbed some Daddy - ha ha!

While we were out of the park getting lunch we came across a red letter box and phone box. I was really glad Aaron got to see them as he has both in his wooden train set :-)

We actually brought our lunch back to the park and ate it in this wig wam, below. Yep all three of us fit in there and sat on the floor, even us two *coughs* very big over weight people.

Once lunch was over I put Daddy on Aaron duty, which meant I seemed to be laden down with the nappy changing bag, the left over lunch (two bags) and the scooter. Oh of course AND the camera!

And then he found this great thing that is clearly meant to have water in it.  The kids will get soaked when it does.  Let's hope it is Summer next time we go and that maybe it will be switched on then.

I would love to go on a week day next time with a couple of pre-schooler Mums so that the park just has tots in it - would be really cute.  I am going to ask a couple of friends if they want to go.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely busy day! Sometimes its worth the effort to travel further afield! Hope you get in that mid week trip. Great photos. I'm going to moan & say I would love to see just individual ones instead of collages so I can enjoy them better :)

  2. Wow that is an amazing Park, well worth an extra journey to reach. Amazing photos, it is so obvious you are all enjoying the spring sunshine together. That last shot of you and Aaron is just so full of joy. I love your idea of a Mums day out there, I remember doing this at Busy Park when we lived up near London, we would all bring a picnic have a good chat and watch the children play together. I hope you get to do this and come back and tell us all about it. Thank you for linking up with so many lovely photos.

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