Wednesday 29 May 2013

Looking Forward to Some Nights Out

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I have Cybher and Brit Mums Live (yes that is me on the list of speakers) both in the diary for June, and they both come with nights-out included as standard, both with complimentary drinks, and both with a bit of a VIP feel.

That beats the nights-out of the past, where I would be queueing for drinks, and the toilets.  It's also lovely when you are in a room of like minded people, in this case parents and/or bloggers.

I stopped wearing heels years and years ago, so I'll have to think long and hard about what I am to wear to these events.

Since becoming a Mummy nights out are thin on the ground.  Being a bit of an "attachment parent" Aaron goes everywhere I do.  My childhood holidays in Ireland were spent with my Mum having nights out and me staying home with the Grandparents - well I guess she did have me at 18!  Roll forward a few decades and none of Aaron's Grandparents have ever babysat for me to have a night out.  I went to Ireland twice last year and once so far this year, but I don't leave Aaron with anyone.  Actually I tell a lie.  When I went in August last year, my cousin had a "no children" policy at her wedding (yes very helpful! not!) and I could not ask any family to help as they were all at the wedding, so despite not being a local I came up with the idea of asking the hotel (venue) if they offered baby sitting (none of my family thought to suggest this) - it just turned out that THEY DID.

It was expensive.  There were a lot of criteria.  The baby sitting had to be performed in a room in the hotel (so I needed to borrow one) and the baby sitting was to be conducted by a hotel staff member.  It was very professional and they had a rota of who was available and EVEN matched the personality of the staff member to the child.  I think I paid 150 Euros if I remember rightly (NOT something I can even remotely afford now) but having been made redundant in July I was flush at the time.  Anyhow, I allowed 30 minutes to spend with them both prior to the meal, so that they could get to know each other (the baby sitting was to happen in my cousin's room in the hotel (a bridesmaid) so I would pop downstairs once the handover was done.  Well I did not need 30 minutes or even half that, as she said I was surplus to requirements after 5 minutes.  I asked if I should ring to see if there is a problem.  She said in 15 years I have never had a "problem".  I asked if I should come up at 21:30 to put him to bed as I ALWAYS put him to bed.  Again she said not necessary.  It was GREAT, I could ACTUALLY enjoy the wedding.  Given that this booking was made at the last minute, this was a last minute joy.  You do kind of feel like you are not needed, but the lure of the wedding downstairs put that 85% out of my mind.  She minded him until 2 a.m. (from I think 5 p.m.) and that was because my Mum said she would go up to the room to let her go home.  I think we eventually left the hotel to go back to my Mum's (a five minute taxi drive away) at about 4 a.m.  I had to wake my Mum and Aaron to get them into the car, but it was easy to put Aaron down to bed again when we got in.

I did need to pop up with my cousin during the night as she wanted to go to her room to get comfortable shoes, and I was so happy to see Aaron asleep and not at all distressed.  She is the only person I have ever met, who REALLY is like Super Nanny.  They DO exist.  Aaron responded really well to it.  The minute they met, she was calling him something.  If memory serves me write I think it was "little guy" or something like that.  He was nearly a year younger back then, so I often referred to him or treated him like a baby, so I think he found it really refreshing.  I know his eyes lit up when he met her.  I bought him a brand new DVD that day, as he always concentrates more if it is one he has not seen before. They both enjoyed it I think.

I think little ones pick up on our vibes and because she earned my confidence, Aaron trusted her.  If I was leaving him with a family member I would be full of doubts and he would pick up on it.  I think often they take their steer on how to feel from US!

Anyway I digress.  I don't really miss nights out that much - one benefit of being an older mum, I guess I have got many a night-out, out of my system.  Ladbrokes Bingo has conducted this survey which shows 75% reckoned that a night out on the town could turn out to be pretty expensive.  I guess that is why I am glad that the drinks will be free at the blogger events I am to go to in June.  Strapped for cash as I am I would prefer a night in, where the drink is in the cupboard and paid for.  It is up to you how much you have, and you can fall straight into your own bed without negotiating a journey home.  Actually why am I talking about cupboards!?!?!? My favourite drink is a cold beer from the fridge!  Anyway, the survery is worth a read, if you want to hear what annoys women about a night out.  It's healthy as it will stop you missing them, if you haven't had one in ages :-) The survey also shows you what is great about a night in, so perhaps have one of those, if you have a problem getting a baby sitter.

Anyway bye for now, and I hope to see you at one of the events.

P.S. Aaron was allowed at the church despite no children to be allowed at the reception. Here he is, August 2012:


  1. I was looking through my photos to illustrate my post and I couldn't find a single photo of a night out! I guess I'm the kind of person who loves staying in!

    1. Oh God I SO SO SO love staying in!
      BUT I am still absolutely looking forward to a DRINK at Cybher on Saturday night :-)
      Notice my lack of photo too.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Liska x


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