Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Gallery - Drink

Tara this week gives us The Gallery prompt of DRINK.


This was a drink that made me cry last night.

You see, even though Aaron will be 3 in about 3 weeks, he still drinks bottles and he still drinks FORMULA.  As it is dairy free I tried to move him to a carton version, that is made by Alpro, and it is even especially made for toddlers with all that they require... but it tastes too different (it's even a different colour) and he won't drink it even when he is starving and/or thirsty.... so we are yet to leave the bottle or powdered formula behind us despite his nearly being three.  THE ONLY thing we left behind was the steriliser and we only use one bottle, not the previous 6-8 that we used prior to weaning (although I breastfed for 13 months, we always topped up with bottles as I had low milk supplies).

Anyway I digress.  We spent Monday out house hunting (only to find that what we could afford was NOT NICE) and on the way home, the husband popped into Morrisons while I stayed in the car with Aaron who was asleep in the car seat.

The husband got one of these:

Only he did not realise that the red plastic clip was missing from the front.

I only had cause to open it, more than 24 hours later, i.e. at 23:30 last night - yes Aaron was still up.  He has been doing something really odd the last few days.  Sleeping from 1800 to 20:30 and then staying up till 1 a.m.! and this despite having grown out of afternoon naps...

Anyway I digress AGAIN.

I opened it last night.  My heart was in my shoes because FIRST the red plastic clip was missing from the front and secondly the tinfoil inside was open.

My "baby" boy ALWAYS has a bottle last thing at night AND first thing in the morning and I knew he'd have neither.

I thought he would get distressed so instead of waiting for that to happen, I got distressed, so much so that he said "what's wrong Mummy?"

When I told him he said "don't worry I will have BENA" (which is what he calls Ribena).

He had it in his normal 12 oz Tommee Tippee bottle (which you can only get online), and drank it in bed and fell asleep as normal as if it was milk.

While he drank it, I said "but Aaron there will be the same problem in the morning" to which he again promised he would have BENA, and I asked if he would cry and he promised he wouldn't.

This morning I woke before him, dreading him waking to no bottle, but he stuck to his promise and climbed on my knee to drink a bottle of BENA.

If you could see my big strapping two year old who looks like a 4 year old you would not believe he is still on bottles.

Anyway, I was thrilled by Morrisons, who sent me this lovely tweet when I alerted them to the problem:
The Manager on duty when I popped into the store this afternoon could not have been nicer and did a no quibble exchange, despite not being aware of the agreement on Twitter - he could not have been nicer.

Last night I was so mad at the husband for buying it when he should have noticed the seal broken, but Aaron and Morrisons both being so understanding more than made up for it.

A Mum must have opened it instore to steal some.  It is the only explanation I and a Twitter friend could come up with:

Liska xx


  1. I'm glad Aaron was so understanding :) it could have been someone looking to see what the owder was? or even a child perhaps? either way well done to morrisons for the no fuss exchange

  2. Oh bless your wee man! My wee man can be stubborn in his ways too and it's great when they surprise you and be understanding :) He is growing up your little man!

  3. My second daughter was very attached to her bottle of milk from 2 yo to... 7 (only difference is she had cow's milk then) !!! It just was her comfort thing...

  4. Aw bless him, how very sweet. He's a gorgeous boy Liska, so he still likes a bottle, nothing wrong with that at all, he knows what he likes :) Well done to Morrisons for good action, a tub of formula is a bit pricey to have to throw away x

  5. Ahhh Liska, Aaron sounds so lovely and understanding about the whole thing. I know I used to panic when I was out of formula. It's the one thing you never want to be without!

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