Thursday 20 June 2013

At the Stroke of Three

Nobody warned me, that when your son turns three he turns from a toddler into a BOY!

Where's my baby gone?  Why oh why did NOBODY warn me?

Look what I have got now... He's still gorgeous but overnight he's all legs and arms:

Oh and unknown stranger, when you decided to sit on the wall with your pistachio nuts and leave your shells and clear bag just littered right there you did not know right, that a 3 year old was going to come along and find your waste fascinating:

Did I say legs and arms? I meant LEGS, ARMS and SMILES! Lots and lots of smiles!

He's certainly the king of my castle:

But Mummy is hankering for a little girl:

And until I find one, Aaron gets company from .... things like this :-(

And this :-(


  1. What!! I only have 6 more months of owning a toddler *weeps* Great post, gorgeous gorgeous photos :)

  2. The cuddles continue though - well into the fours from my limited experience.

  3. They grow up so quickly don't they? He looks like a very happy and cuddly boy x


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