Tuesday 11 June 2013

Going to a Wedding?

I went to a wedding in May, and I am going to another in September.  The thing is, the one in September is the wedding of my FAVOURITE first cousin.  We are so close, I have always said she is my "little sis".  I know that when it comes to the photos I will want to make a special effort to capture the special moments that the photographer doesn't.

Having got an email from Blurb today, I think the best way to share them with her after the wedding is to make a photo book out of them.  She's too special to just share them with on Facebook although knowing me I will do that too.  Wedding photos are something you want to look at again and again, and not just when you are online.

I made a photo book with Blurb in November last year and really enjoyed it - they give you software that you use offline, so that the editing and downloading (uploading) of photos is REALLY quick.  You only upload to their site ONCE you have a finished product.  If you have used other systems, you will understand this is gooooood or at least you will once you try it.  I made a very large 52 page coffee table book for my Mum for Christmas and it was FULL of pics of Aaron - it took me about 18 hours.  I hate to think how long it would have taken if I had been doing it online.

Anyhow, if you are going to a wedding this year and like me think it would make a great gift, and a great way of sharing your photos with the bride/groom or family then here is a discount code for you.

Disclosure: (1) I got it on email from them today as an existing customer and (2)  if you click on the below banner you will help me out by giving me a small % commission if you do make an album.  Go on, if you do, I'll share the discount code with you :-) oh you have twisted my arm, here it is:
Turn a big day into a lasting memory and remember to share the love. Wedding albums make great books for in-laws and parents, as well as friends and family who joined in for the blessed event. Get started today with 10% off orders over £30, 15% over £60 and 20% over £95. Simply enter code BRIDE0505 at checkout. 

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