Monday 10 June 2013

New Tuesday Linky

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Anyone else find they have to make a special effort for you/me time since becoming a parent?

Well I don't often do it, but since becoming a SAHM (stay at home mum) it has become EVEN more necessary, as if that was at all possible.  Considering I have adopted "attachment parenting" I find it is something I neglect as I am with Aaron from sun up to sun down, but recent events have taught me, me time gives me back my sparkle, as the Mummy Whisperer has been saying to be for years!

Last week I had to use a Christmas voucher and used it for a haircut (overdue since about 7 months) and a pedicure (my toenails were hoofs) and I felt like a MILLION dollars afterwards.  Pity it was AFTER Cybher (which incidentally also gave me a spring in my step).

Anyway, #CountryKids forces us to remember to get some outdoor time so that we can showcase it.  #R2BC (reasons to be cheerful) forces us to find reasons to be cheerful, #SilentSunday forces us to be aware of great photo opportunities, and #MagicMoments forces us to consider what might have taken place that was magic enough to write about and share.  

So I thought it might be ideal, if we had something that gave us a nudge to put ourselves first once a week, or more often ;-)

The ME time doesn't have to have happened on a Tuesday, just link it up on a Tuesday.  You can do the post in the days before if you like, but I will have the linky open each Tuesday and will pimp your linked up post out for you.

Anyway, people often abbreviate THE INTERNET to t'internet, so I thought TUESDAY could read T'you'sDay, which translated means The You Is Day, with the T' being short for "the" and the 's being short for "is".  Get it? Still with me? Hope so!

So....... do you think you've had some ME time recently??? Can you write about it by tomorrow?

I will share the linky here and in tomorrow's post.  Grab the code above which the lovely Nickie and Liz helped me with.  The actual code instructions can be found at Code it Pretty.  The best place to store your badge image seems to be Photo Bucket.

Liska xxx


  1. A very good idea Liska. I'll be joining in with this once I move and have some time to myself! lol Mich x

  2. What a lovely idea for a linky. I am a huge advocate of me time though only occasionally blog about it (Last one was January). If I do, I'll be sure to add it here. Thank you for the lovely mention for Country Kids.


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