Monday 10 June 2013

The Date Night Didn't Quite Go to Plan after our eventful fruitful Search for Saturday Night Chocolate #CBias

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Aaron is going to be 3 years old on Saturday and we haven't had a date night since he was born.  So this Saturday I was determined to get a movie, some chocolate (dairy milk preferably - hate dark) and get Aaron to bed at a reasonable time for once (believing it to be possible having got him down early Friday night for the first time in months). 

I know my readers will fall into two camps.  Those who say 

"WHAT? We have a date night once a week/month! Just do it!"


Those who say 

"WHAT? Our children are 3, 5, 7 and 9 and we've NEVER had one! Lucky you!"

Either way, we NEED ONE!

So on Saturday, after Aaron and I had a superb day in the park, we went shopping on the way home.

Buggy in supermarket trolley

As you can see, I popped the folded up buggy into the trolley. Not something I have ever done before, but I had to have it with me at the park in case he slept on the way home or got tired and I wasn't going to be able to push a buggy and trolley, so on the spot, decided to be creative. Yes I got some odd looks but what the hell :-)
Tesco is near the park, so it should not have been that big a deal, but I did not bargain on them not stocking Aaron's milk: Cow and Gate Infasoy.  We've always bought it in Tesco and Boots for 3 years, but apparently this branch was not big enough to stock it.  What didn't help, is for the first time since he was born, I'd let it run out, so getting it another day was not an option.

Luckily, before we decided which shop to try next, we had fun in Tesco, choosing chocolate:

Dairy Milk Chocolate selection in Tesco

As you can see we had a lot to choose from - Aaron's wondering why Mummy's trying to get just the right photo :-)  The Cadbury's Bite Size range is quite prominent and there are quite a few withing that range itself to be spoilt for choice.  They really are bite size too and as such quite moreish!

I don't allow Aaron to eat a lot of chocolate, but I don't 100% ban it either, so it was mainly for Mummy and Daddy but just for fun I asked him which one he would pick.  I wasn't surprised with his choice of Twirl given that he's had quite a few ice cream cones lately and the Twirl so closely resembles a FLAKE; well it does to me anyway.

Bite Size Packs
Taking a bite in the only way he can considering we are yet to pay! LOL!

Next is the one I chose for me and Daddy to have with the movie.  Best of both worlds, in combining popcorn and chocolate.  It doesn't disappoint:

Sweet and Salty chocolate and popcorn

This next one was meant to make three so that technically we'd have one each, but this turned out to be the one that got away, which you can find out more about in our Google Plus album that tells the full story of this blog post.

Cadbury's Bite Size

Putting back the Crunchie enabled me to get this Disney Car to make Aaron's Saturday night complete:

Bought a Disney Car at the Supermarket

So I bought two movies in Morrisons, the supermarket we went to next, in order to get Aaron's milk which Tesco (that branch of it) didn't stock.
It was a 20 minute walk to Morrisons, but I wasn't going to bus it as I only had enough on my Oyster card for the one journey home and wasn't expecting to have to go to two supermarkets.

As it turned out the walk was pleasurable - it was a lovely evening as my Google+ album shows and we enjoyed the walk.  Aaron stayed in the buggy so I was able to walk at a very brisk pace.  Means I got some exercise in too = result!

So here below are the two bargain movies I got *coughs* along with a load of other snips/offers I simply could not resist. The buggy was laden down.

Date Night

So armed with 2 movies, 2 packets of Cadbury's Dairy Milk bite size chocolate, and a new car for Aaron, that was the ingredients for a perfect family night in. Or, so I thought...

Turns out I should have listened to my inner whisperer. Something told me I recognised the cover of Date Night, but because it was the same name as I was hoping to have that night, I could not resist it.  The hubby burst my bubble when I was happily unpacking the shopping, to tell me we already own it.  When asked if I've watched it, he says "no!" When asked why he would watch such a movie alone, he reminds me that we haven't really watched movies together since Aaron came along, and that the Bridesmaids that I had recently watched AND enjoyed, it had taken him MONTHS to get me to watch.  Oooooops.

So I give myself an internal high five that I got TWO film options and take the below photo.

Chocolate and a Movie for Date night

I'm not really a huge fan of the bath, bottle bed model, but decided to follow it Saturday night as it had worked a treat on Friday.

So I got Aaron into the bath at a reasonable time despite the evening trips to TWO supermarkets, then gave him dinner, and a bottle and bed was therefore a breeze.  He was asleep by 21:20 for the second night in a row - it's been way later lately.

So I get myself into the sitting room, all expectant for the date night / movie night.  I dig into the popcorn chocolate knowing it is right up the hubby's street, and he says he is too full from dinner.

THEN he decides that what is on the telly is good. A movie called The Ghost Writer.  I patiently sit there playing with my computer (which is not working) for hours, waiting for it to finish and when it does, the next movie on is The Others, so my DVD is being neglected.

In the end, having eaten half the chocolate (only one bag - the popcorn) by myself, I go to bed with a heavy heart, knowing that me, my DVD and my chocolate stash, will attack him at a later date :-)

Hopefully a Date Night - either movie or otherwise will be coming to a cinema sitting room near me soon.

Click here see the full Cadbury range.

Oh it has to be said though, that MY favourite Cadbury product at the moment is Marvellous Creations (jelly popping candy shells covered in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk) ... Have you tried it? I have a bar next to me right now.  In fact it has provided me my sugar boost all the way through this blog post.

Even though the popcorn one was my favourite, it is a couple of days later and I am still munching just finished the Twirls. They really really ARE bite sized, look!

perfect for movie chocolate munching

I was really sensible and did not eat all of the popcorn chocolate by myself.  I gave the hubby half of the bag to finish last night (it was actually a third ;-) ), but he loved it as much as I do/did.

Liska xx


  1. Lucky you shopping for chocolate. I would have chosen the popcorn one too.

    1. yes and I'd better get it all eaten quick sharp before the detox I am about to start LOL xx

  2. Our date nights never go quite to plan but the chocolate helps to make up for it I'm sure!

    1. HHHhhhm yum, and I am pacing myself so still have some left :-)

  3. Date night? What's one of those?! My OH hardly ever watches film unless it's Heat or The Hangover - mmm, romantic. I would take the chocolate popcorn, a bottle of wine and myself into the lounge and enjoy the peace! Good luck with your next attempt x

  4. Great post. Sounds like one of our date nights! ;-) I love the Cadbury's Marvellous Creations too! :-) x

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Liska. Your date night pretty much sounds like all of ours... a big flop! I've got 3 children, all girls, and it's really hard to find some time to yourselves once the little ones come across. I know what men are like with the remote controls too, like psychotic beasts wielding a sword!

    I'm sure Aaron enjoyed some time with his mum on your pleasant walk. Whatever it did, it seemed to work to get him off to sleep promptly. :) And at least you managed to enjoy some 'chocolate time' too. It's like wine o' clock but better, in my opinion. :)

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  6. We only manage date night if we go out, with 3 kids, the eldest of whom is 16, there is always somebody up, or needing something!! I hope you managed to enjoy your film another time! :)

  7. We don't have date nights either, mainly because my OH falls asleep at around 9pm every night!


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