Tuesday 18 June 2013

What You Time Did you Have Since last Week? T'You'sDay

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Here I am again, to remind you to have some me time.

Hopefully you've got something planned or some me time that's happened since last T'You'sDay?

The me time I have had this week was short but ever so sweet.

Yesterday I had to go to Lidl to do a little #CBias shop and I left Aaron at home with Daddy.  Normally he would have insisted on coming with me but he was shattered from a weekend in Thomas Land AND he's so so close to Daddy now, who took a few days off for his birthday, so I took it as red, that he wanted to stay (although I did ask twice LOL) and ran for the hills :-)

It's a 20 minute walk there AND back.  I noticed every leaf on every tree.  I felt the sun on my face and took off the jacket I regretted putting on.

Once I realised how hot it was (you couldn't tell from indoors) I got myself back and changed into a summer dress, and took Aaron to a friend's, where we spent the whole afternoon in her garden.

Anyway, back to that shop.  I took photos to show the sort of things I was seeing and appreciating.

Loving the sun and its effect on the leaves.  Enjoying capturing it with my new camera!

Appreciating every burst of colour that I saw.
It might have been fleeting.  It may not have involved a spa day or putting my feet up.

But to walk without pushing a buggy, to start a thought and finish it without hearing "Mummmmmeeee" was priceless.

Sometimes it's the little things that are important.

What did you do?

Link up below; it's a blog hop after all.  Oh, and grab the badge, and encourage some other Mums to regain the spring in their step.

Liska xx


  1. Hey Liska!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and what a great idea to have a T'You'sday post!
    I agree, you have to stop and smell the roses (literally!) every day.
    I enjoyed your post.

  2. Sorry I couldn't come up with anything this week. I think my me times are more on a monthly basis than a weekly basis - although it should really be weekly. Seriously going to aim to join in again next week.

  3. Hi Liska, Thanks for the invite. Lovely idea for a blog hop. Have linked up x


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