Friday 20 September 2013

Cows are Country

Well it is no secret that we've just come back from 10 wonderful days in Ireland.  The West of Ireland to be precise.

That makes me, my little man, and my little blog worthy of a #CountryKids hook up this week :-)

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Not that we really need a trip to Ireland for an excuse to join up.  We are regulars, but it is nice to have a real deal COUNTRY post for once :-)

On previous holidays, Aaron's been on the tractor, and in May 2013 he even fed a baby lamb with a bottle, but this time, it was a trip round the land in my Uncle's jeep...


On Monday, I took my little man swimming, and then once we were dressed we charged out of the pool building, with me not even having thought about drying my hair.  Suffice to say I sneezed for the rest of the afternoon, but I was cheered up by my eldest Uncle taking Aaron to see the sheep and cows as below.  Between the pool and my Uncle's we did stop at the slides and swings though but I made it brief as I could already tell I was catching a chill.  I recovered that night but come Tuesday I washed my hair, and then rushed off with my Aunt to return all the dress suits (we were there for a big Irish wedding).  Again, I sneezed for the whole afternoon, but as we then visited my Great Aunt, which led to me playing (in the cold) with Aaron in her garden, my body was less forgiving and I now have flu as a result.  I have just this night had TWO lemsips.  Yes I know that means I have probably overdosed on paracetamol but right now that is the least of my problems.  Not that I have problems, but I want to be able to breathe and sleep tonight.  It'd be nice!

Anyway, back to the cattle.

It was very very nice to see how happy a visit round the land made my son:

When told that one of the sheep had a red sore bum (which we saw first hand while being told about it) due to being eaten by maggots, he spoke about that poor sheep for days, to anyone who'd listen.

When being told that the calf is breastfeeding in that last photo (I mean being told whilst I was taking it, not now), he announced "I used to do that yesterday".  He doesn't know how to say, 2 years ago, or a long time ago bless him.  When hearing it my uncle probably thought I am one of those Mums who secretly breastfeeds a 3 year old behind closed doors.  No, I don't but he does still have a bottle ;-) and we did breastfeed for 13 months.  I strongly believe cow's milk is for cows, so Aaron's always been on soya.

My little man is SUCH a country boy, and an outdoor boy, he really really thrived in Ireland, as he does every time we visit.  It is so lovely to see him so happy and so free, in such a free range way.

It's also great to get feedback, from friends and family over there.  Lovely to get compliments about him, which I sometimes crave over here.  I love to hear how good his speech is, how lovely his clothes are, how independent he is.  I give him my all, and it is nice to know I am doing SOMETHING right.

A big part of our holiday was Aaron spending a lot of time on trampolines.  We don't have one of those, but he loves them.

Anyway my flu requires that I go to bed, so night night.

Liska xx


  1. Brilliant photos Liska, he really does look like he had just the best time. Being an Irish woman myself, I have to say it's a great country for kids :)

    I hope you are feeling better really soon too, keep warm and try and get lots of rest x

  2. What a lovely experience for him to have. It obviously had a big impact on him. Hope your feeling better soon. Ah. Tis the season!

  3. A lovely set of photos, I'm glad that you had such a lovely time. My husband is Irish, so we've spent a lot of time there over the years, beautiful :) hope you're feeling better soon. #CountryKids

  4. Brilliant photos, looks like a fun day out for you all. Hope you feel better soon x #CountryKids

  5. Lovely photos! I'd love to go to Ireland. Feel better soon!

  6. I haven't been to Ireland for years, would love to go again one day

  7. What a great time Aaron had in Ireland being a country boy! The photos are great and your Uncle has some very pretty cows. You have obviously done a very good job bring Aaron up and the compliments prove it. I do hope you feel better soon and thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  8. Gorgeous pics. I love cows - and I love your cows' milk for cows caption. My eldest daughter has gone vegan so we're going back down the uber healthy eating route. Aaron is a credit to you :) Feel better soon my lovely xxx

  9. sounds a fab break (despite the bug), compliments to kids always reason to smile

  10. Looks like Aaron had lots of fun. Such a shame you caught a cold. I've never been to Ireland.....maybe one day!

  11. Ireland really is beautiful. Aaron is going to have great memories of your trips!
    I love that everything in the past happened "yesterday" - my two do that as well ;)

  12. Sounds like you had a great holiday. Hope you are feeling better soon xx


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