Tuesday 22 October 2013

Baby George's Christening Makes Me Remember the Baptism of MY Little Prince!

Specially designed for baby Prince George of Cambridge

I may not be the Queen neither am I a Duchess but I did fret about Aaron's baptism.  I also spent about £700 on the party - I kid you not!

Part of that was on a professional photographer who sent me the photos on a CD.  I would LOVE to include a photo from our baptism here but I am sad to admit I have misplaced the CD :-(  Yes and without even putting any snaps on Facebook.......

I bet when Jason Bell gives the Duchess a CD of christening photos she won't be losing it.

Back to the big baptism day:

I didn't have to choose the venue for his baptism as such, because obviously it was our local parish church but what I DID worry about and think long and hard about was the venue for the after-party.

Prince George's baptism is tomorrow Wednesday, October 23 at 3pm. The private service is to last approximately 45 minutes.  All you need to know about the big day is in the Mirror.

Personalised online gifting company Snapajack created a one-off Christening pack for His RoyalHighness Prince George of Cambridge and dropped it off, at Buck House, for Her Majesty this week.  The things you see in the photograph above.

The special bespoke personalised Royal Christening party pack includes:
  • themed invitations, 
  • name badges, 
  • place tags, 
  • reminder cards, 
  • reply cards, 
  • menu cards, 
  • gift boxes, 
  • cake boxes 
  • and thank you cards 
featuring Prince George’s image and customised text unique to Prince George’s big Christening day.

If I was doing it all again, I would definitely want to take advantage of Snapajack’s unrivalled quality service.  Now, any party queen can get their own customised party pack to make their little prince or princess’s special day totally original.  It would have been stress free and delightful for me to have got all of the above in a pack. 

After all it is something of a big deal if one's son is celebrating his Christening - or in our case baptism.  Aaron's was October 2011, when he was nearly one and a half.  He was born June 2010.  One could issue a royal decree and dispatch a member of one’s court to source invitations, names badges, place tags, reminder cards, reply cards, menu cards, gift boxes, cake boxes and thank you cards from the four corner’s of one’s empire.

My empire at the time was Aaron's nursery but as I'd only returned to work in the April after maternity leave, and he'd only joined nursery in the September, we had a poor turnout [from nursery], so it was largely friends and family.  It didn't help that I did EVERYTHING very last minute and only sent the invitations out a week before.  I would have been much more organised if I knew about Snapajack back then - with the added bonus that they include your own photographs and personalised messages throughout. 

I also had to contend with going to mass every Sunday and making myself known to the priest so that he would accept Aaron being baptised.  I went for 2 years (and still sometimes do) but was sad when I found out that we are outside the catchment area for the school, so sadly Aaron won't be going to a Catholic school like Mummy and Daddy did.  Very topical at the moment because I am in the process of applying for schools.  He'll be four June 2014 and a young four year old as he heads off to school.  Thank God he is SUCH a tall boy, with great vocabulary who can look after himself, and tell Mummy and Daddy everything that goes on.

Back to Snapajack:
Whether it’s christenings, birthday parties, special events, milestone birthdays, anniversaries and wedding celebrations - simply choose a theme from the many designs and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own personalised party pack delivered straight to your door.

The Royal Christening Commemorative Royal Blue Party Packs, specially designed for Prince George’s big day, cost from £4.97 each https://editor.snapajack.com/product/party-pack-royal-blue or you can choose your own from a large selection of unique party packs available at www.snapajack.com. There’s something there for every ma’am.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have asked Jason Bell to be official photographer at the Christening of Prince George

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, but the majority of the words are my own - I have chosen what info I think would be of interest to you all, given that I have been through a baptism and the stress of getting invites printed etc...

THIS is on their website at the moment:

Ha ha ha Mwah ha ha:

Edit: 15/11/2013 I found the CD of the photos (been missing well over a year)!



  1. Hardcore fans already waiting, I'm so glad I'm not in a public role like that, the attention could just drive me nuts! Can you imagine, waiting in the rain for a Christening!

    1. and it's going to be a small scale affair it would seem, although check out the number of Godparents. What is THAT about????

  2. 7 godparents is so many isn't it. That boy isn't going to be able to sneak off naughtily anywhere! :) I intended to watch this then completely forgot!

  3. If you go to the Catholic Church regularly then surely you can apply for Aaron to go there even if you are out of the catchment area?

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