Saturday 14 December 2013

14th December 2013. Remembering Multiple Mummy a Year On. One Year Anniversary.

You have indeed gone through revolving doors, to another world.  You're not in this world anymore but we feel your presence and all think of you often.
Kerry Farrow. 16th April 1982 to 14th December 2012.

One of Kerry's lasting legacies was the beautiful linky she ran, Family Frolics.  I am so glad that The Boy and Me has reminded us of this fact.  Family time was the centre of her world, and social media took a back seat to that, as did couple time once the kids were in bed.  Kerry's the only blogger I know, who had the computer/real life balance properly in check.  She was a wise old soul, who knew most things, yet arrogance didn't figure in her personality.  
Kerry didn't need to pass away to make an impression on me, she did that each and every time I met her, as she did with everyone she met, due to her radiance.  I treasure all the time we spent together.  I'd stopped going to blogging events, in fact I was going to give up the blog, when I decided to go to a Fanta event, JUST so I could see Kerry.  It turned out to be the second time I witnessed her meet celebrities.  We met a few at the Boots Press Show (Gok Wan, Fearne Cotton and Mark Hill - check out the video of her interviewing Mark Hill) and then she met Linda Barker at Fanta.  LOOK how tired I was in those Fanta photos. I was dressed badly, my hair was greasy, and I was shattered.  I was in the process of making 60 people redundant, and in the final weeks of my job.  I was sometimes working 14 hour days and on my days off.  I decided ON the day to go to the event, after dropping a text to Kerry to find out if she was going.  Great pic of her and Linda Barker on her blog.  I saw her again that month at BritMums Live.  We didn't spend nearly as much time together as in the past, but we had a beautiful one-to-one in All Bar One, where she gave me the sort of wise advice that is par for the course with a soul such as Kerry.  My one regret is that in 2012 I did not go to Christmas in July - as I had the year before and since - as that would have been my last time seeing her.  I'll always treasure the Treat Street event we went to together, as we went for some pasta and wine afterwards.

The legacy that is most recent on her blog is Family Frolics, and she left it on a high, with a GLORIOUS day out at Peppa Pig World.  Like I said, family time was everything for Kerry.  To me 3 children would be a large family, I struggle with 1, but she always confided in me and others that she was trying to decide when to have number 4.  Being a Mum was an integral part of her DNA.  It made me howl with laughter the first time I met her at an Xbox event, as she was a hardcore member of my Mumentum, which was a weekly linky all about mum tums.  When we met her (me and Hannah from Mummy and the Beastie) we were like WHERE'S YOURS?  As with everything, she was good at that too, no baby weight on our Kerry.  But clearly to have joined Mumentum, she must have seen something we didn't, what with the other part of her personality being that she was a perfectionist.  A lot of us only got to grips with G+ after her passing.  I got choked with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes the day I discovered that before her passing she'd already nailed it, look and here.

I remember Kerry each and every time I make her Pasta Recipe for Picky Eaters.

I was honoured to be at Kerry's Funeral Service and wrote about it here.  At the end of that post I also explain how linked Kerry is to the number 4.  In numerology it was actually her destiny number.

We often have Family Frolics.  This doesn't have to mean Mum Dad and Baby.  It can be me and Aaron spending time with his cousins.  Cousins to me are really important as I spent a lot of time with mine growing up.

This is a recent - 7th December - trip to the cinema, where Aaron had a lot of fun with his cousins.

He's SUCH an outdoor boy. He really really is, which is why I used to often link up with #CountryKids and need to start doing so again:

A lot of people changed their lives quite dramatically as a direct result of Kerry's passing.  I won't claim to be one of those.  I miss her terribly, think of her everyday, but sometimes I do spend too much time online and haven't learned enough, from her great example, but I want to honour someone who really took heed of Kerry's untimely passing, and saw it as a nudge to put family time first and social media a firm second and that's Cafe Bebe - don't take my word for it, she talks about it openly here.

One thing I have got in my favour though is that my phone doesn't have enough internal memory to run Facebook and Twitter, so when I am out with Aaron I am fully 100% present and enjoying each and every moment - the only interference being that I sometimes do it from behind a camera, but then that's not just for the blog but also for our archive of memories.  Aaron loves nothing more than looking back through photos.

So today Kerry, we will think about your legacy, and remember you for the many ways you radiated through the interwebs like you are now radiating through heaven.

The most beautiful way to remember her is to watch this video that her husband has put together:

Bye for now, Liska xxx

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. A beautiful tribute from a friend indeed!

  2. A wonderful post and a lovely tribute to Kerry. Great to see you back for Country Kids, don't forget to actually link too!

  3. Lovely post Liska, a beautiful tribute x #CountryKids

  4. what a really beautiful post Liska it really is a lovely tribute to your friend x

  5. Lovely post Liska. Made me cry seeing that photo of Kerry. She really was beautiful inside and out xx

  6. Such a wonderful tribute to someone who obviously meant so much. Kerry's condition and subsequent death came as such a shock. It's lovely to see so many people coming together to remember her and her legacy

  7. So wonderfully described - how she found time to master google plus when she never came online when the kids were about is beyond me! Incredible lady.

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