Tuesday 17 December 2013

Portable North Pole Santa or as it's known PNP * REVIEW *

I have been putting off trying PNP for weeks, but today turns out to have been the perfect day, because today is the day we finally put our Christmas Tree and decorations up, after much cajoling from The Boy and Me, (who took to saying "do it for the Boy" when she could see I wasn't feeling festive) and much help from the husband.

I worked on PNP (boy did I work on it) while Aaron was at nursery, and his reaction when home was PRICELESS.  He's now watched it twice, and myself, being that I have never grown up, I have watched it 5 times.  It puts tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat each and everytime.

I *eventually* got the code to review the premium version, and BOY am I glad I did.  I would recommend purchasing it, as it is truly magical and way superior to the free version, although I am told that in itself is very popular.

On the Premium Version you get the opportunity to upload 5 images as below - I'd advise a pic of their wished gift as one:

I would advise uploading all 5 images, as they are REALLY BEAUTIFULLY inserted into the video.  The acting on the video is really good; gushy and sentimental, just the way I like Christmas.

Aaron was blown away when he saw what he calls his "Jake Lego Boat" onscreen.  He then knew it was the real Santa (just like the one at Harrods who ALSO knew what he wanted *coughs* UNLIKE the London Zoo one - both of which I have blogged about).

I also uploaded a picture of him in costume, with his best mate, and a picture of him on his bike.

I'll see if I can upload the vid for you - it's long (approx 6 minutes) but well worth watching, if you are deciding whether to spend the money:

Below I have uploaded for you to watch, first the brief Xmas Eve version and then the nearly 6 minute Premium Version - it's WELL worth a watch!

Can you see why I am now a converted fan?  Puts tears in my eyes every time I watch it, and Aaron goes into a hushed respectful silence.  When Santa asks him a question he nods AND at the end when they all waved at him, with no prompting from me, he waved back #choked I was.

We reviewed the package that includes: Premium video, an MP4 of it, Bonus Christmas Eve video, 3 credits for Santa calls, Red letter, "Nice List" certificate, Colouring book, and PNP Official book & Stickers.

If you are interested in getting any of the digital products make sure you use this code for 20% off:
20% off digital products in the PNP store valid until 1st January for you dear readers: BLG20BKP

The latter items are offline and will really arrive in the post, drumming home that Santa is real.
Now that I have experienced it, I can finally understand what all the fuss is about.
It's the best reaction I have had from Aaron in all of his 3.5 years! 

For us, despite Christmas beginning with a visit to Harrods Santa on 3rd November, Christmas has really become real today.  Our tree is finally UP as are our decs AND Aaron feels like he really spoke to the real Santa.  It's amazing the difference as he had no interest in Santa at all last year.

We've watched (together) the PNP video twice and the second time I was putting on his PJs.  He was worried Santa would see his "wee wee" so clearly he was so impressed by the technology he thinks it's like Skype and that Santa can see him #bless.

It really added to the festivities of our day today, so thank you PNP.

Liska & Aaron

Disclosure: as stated above, I was given a PNP package to review, and have been quite frankly blown away by the premium video.  Now a convert. I have not been paid to write this post and all words are my own

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