Monday 16 December 2013

UK's Increase In Domestic Energy Consumption as the UK Population has Risen

Apart from the days Aaron's at nursery, or the many days that we're out and about, we are indoors, and that means heat!!! Plus, it is only going to get colder.

It means we have to be sensible, and sometimes that means reaching for slippers when tootsies are cold, or another layer when a bit chilly.  It's unfeasible with current energy prices to have the heating on too often.

We've got a new habit where Aaron has his bottle on my knee with a blanket every morning - he's never really taken to dressing gowns.

Being that I studied Economics at University, I'm quite into stats, so found the below very interesting.  Hope you do too.  It's a bit of a potted history of the last 43 years.  Right on target with my age, with me being an early 70s lass!

The evolution of energy consumption through the decades
Be smarter with your consumption and choose the right energy tariff.

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