Wednesday 18 December 2013

Wondering Where I will Do My Xmas Shopping - Off or Online

I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, and now have to decide whether to hit the shops, shop online or do a combination of both.  We only put up our decorations and tree yesterday.  FINALLY feeling festive now!

The retailer who's really made an impression on me this year is John Lewis with their Bear and the Hare TV ad campaign.  Have you seen it?

If you are loving the TV ads as much as me, then why not get the e-book here: The Bear and The Hare. I just tried to, but it wants to do so via itunes and mine is not currently set up - it appears to be FREE  though :-)  On that affiliate link I have just given, you can also watch the advert, if you haven't already...
Bring the story to life by downloading 'The Bear who had never seen Christmas' interactive eBook. Narrated by Lauren Laverne, it's full of touch to activate games, features and fun - available for ipad iphone and android!
Their online Christmas Shop is split into "gifts for" sections (including one called :those who have it all) and they certainly seem to have thought of everything.  I love the 139 gifts for Little Ones available... which takes you to an online shop that looks as below.  This affiliate banner will take you right there:

If you really love the advertising campaign and ebook there's more memorabilia to be bought look:

Free standard delivery before Christmas - order by 7pm Thursday 19 December (for most items) - it's all explained here: Christmas 2013 delivery.

I have found what Aaron wants from Santa on - his Jake boat that he has wanted everyday since he saw it at Lego at Lollibop.  I am thinking of getting all three of these bits to really make his Xmas, as bless him he just wants the boat:

They also sell festive jumpers if you are yet to get yours

UPDATE: I DID order the above 3 x Jake & The Neverland Pirates lego items from John Lewis.  One of them was 60p cheaper in +Kiddicare but as one of the 3 was out of stock at Kiddicare, I went with John Lewis so that I could have all three from the same retailer.  I ordered on Thursday 19th, by their deadline of 7 p.m. and as promised the items arrived before Christmas = today 21st December 2013.   People who start their Christmas shopping in September or even in the January sales will think I cut it fine BUT last year I ordered his main Santa present on 23rd for delivery on 24th, so I had a small bit more breathing space this year LOL.  I must admit, I did wake this morning, in a bit of a panic thinking what will I do if the stuff doesn't come, or I am out when they call.  After all this is his main Santa present, so it would be a travesty! Anyway all's well that ends well, and they arrived in a neat and tidy John Lewis archive box, and when Aaron said "what's that?" I just said "it can't be opened till Christmas" and bless him he accepted that.  Now I just have to find a moment to wrap them when he's not looking.  Daddy got the other thing he requested today, which is the SPIDERMAN costume he's been asking for for months.  So, as of 21st December we ARE nearly there! Phew!

Bye for now, Liska x


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