Sunday 12 January 2014

Six Things That Every Toddler’s Bedroom Should Include

Let’s face it, having a toddler around the house can be a challenge at times. While I love my little bundle of joy more than anything, there are days I wish I could just escape for an hour or two of ‘me time'.

Toddlers are little bundles of energy but there’s one thing that can make life a little easier.

Making sure you create a relaxing, safe and enticing bedroom environment for your child will help to make bedtimes a more enjoyable experience!

Below you’ll find six things that every toddler’s bedroom should have.

1. A comfortable novelty bed

As your toddler moves from a crib to a bed, it can be a nightmare trying to get them to stay in it! One thing that’s been a godsend to me is a novelty bed. You can find all kinds of novelty shaped beds on the market and they have a really enticing appeal to your little one.

2. Wooden door letters
Personalise your child’s bedroom with the addition of wooden door letters. Individual letters can be snapped up on sites such as ebay, and for creative ways to display them on your little one's bedroom door why not have a look at the ideas listed on Pinterest.

3. Plenty of storage
It’s a good idea to include storage for your child’s toys and other possessions. Bookshelves can also be a great investment. Keeping the room tidy and organised will help to create a more relaxing environment.

4. Child’s table and chair
On days where I need to keep my little one busy, I’ve found a small table and chair helps quite a lot! They can use it to doodle, paint and complete various art projects. It’s amazing how many hours they can spend being creative.  For Aaron that would include playing with trains, tracks and lego.

5. Windows sorted
Toddlers don't sleep if they think it is daytime.  This clearly isn't a problem at the moment as it is dark at 16:30 but in the Summer months blackout blinds/curtains are a must.  If you live on a busy noisy road, there are also solutions for that - they don't want to be in bed if all of their friends are audibly playing outside.  Double glazing is one of the best solutions for noise, and this can even be done for period homes and/or those with sash windows.  Draught proof sash windows if they are the cause of dust, noise, rattles or draughts.  Toddlers don't like things that go bump in the night.

6. Safety gate
If your toddler’s room isn’t on the ground floor, a safety gate is a must. This can also be used in case they don’t want to sleep at night. Instead of getting out of bed and climbing in with you, they won’t be able to get past the gate. This can also be useful when you’re trying to get your chores done. Providing you’ve childproofed the bedroom, they should be perfectly fine in there on their own for a little while. In fact, they may even come to enjoy it.

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  1. Great tips - we will be moving the toddler in the next few months and it's a daunting time! xx


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