Thursday 13 February 2014


Yesterday, I collected Aaron from nursery in the rain. By the time we got home, I was soaked right through - he wasn't; he has a better jacket! I opened my email, (the account not on my phone) only to discover I needed to post important documents.  I felt a tad silly to say the least, as I had been to the post office only the day before to post @JoeTheJuicer's new book to Nickie.  I could have posted the docs then.  I've known since Monday that I needed to.  But for one reason and another I am in a brain fog.  Main reason being I am recovering from a chest infection, that saw me at A&E's Urgent Care on Sunday, and the other reason that someone has managed to quite literally fry my brain.  Still haven't quite got over that one!  But Mercury has been in retrograde, so no wonder!  It often leads to a clash of heads; the more stubborn the heads involved, the bigger the battle. When the clouds of that rainstorm have cleared I will communicate my thoughts.

Anyhow, the email I received yesterday was enough to make me want to run to the post office, to get a project back on track.  However, I wasn't yet dry and the rain had got heavier.  I hadn't realised it was possible, but it was now storm like, torrential, cold, windy and included some hail.

I looked at my trusty weather report, which always served me well when deciding whether to get the paddling pool out, and it said it would stop raining at 1600. Enough time to go to the post office! I love the way it shows the weather in hourly form, and let's you personalise it to your postcode. The rain actually stopped at 15:38 and the sun came out.  By the time we got to the post office and shops, there was sun and a clear blue cloudless sky - hard to believe at all that it had just rained in such a storm-like way!

I should have been a little more patient; before the sun came out and the rain stopped I had ALREADY been moaning about it on Twitter

Anyhow we quite literally made a dash for it, like this:

On the way to the shops/post office, sight of a rainbow quite literally stopped me in my tracks, and saw me getting my camera out of my bag. You can tell Aaron is the son of a blogger as he patiently waited whilst I did so!  I discovered the MEANING of the rainbow HOURS later.

Again, I was stopped in my tracks and had to get the camera out.  Despite the blue sky and sun, the evidence of the rain was there for all to see - large lake like puddles everywhere! It didn't create any hassle for us, but made me think of all of the poor flood victims in the UK. People who may lose their homes, or never be able to insure them again.  They are all in my prayers.

We got to the post office, and I posted my docs, a weight lifted.  A trip to the shops to get bread, resulted in a couple of treats for Aaron - no change there.

Once home, I hopped onto Twitter, and the reason for the rainbow became clear.  You see, the rainbow was NOT within my sights.  As can be seen in the picture, I was walking next to a 6 foot fence, and it was the other side of it. I even had to LIFT Aaron so that he could see it.  WHAT made me even look over there, far left, and up to the sky, when we were marching ahead purposefully.  On that stretch I look ahead, only ahead, usually...  Matilda Mae, that's what!  And the fact that she is sending her Mummy a rainbow. Read all about how Jennie is growing a rainbow here.

I think it is beautiful that souls find a way to communicate with us earthly beings.  Remember we are a spiritual being having an earthly experience - NOT the other way around!

Liska xx

P.S. all of the photos above are my own, all taken yesterday by me.  I don't, as a rule, use stock photos on my blog. Just me, but I find it more personal to use my own, and it's often photos taken, that drive me to blog, to tell the story behind them, as with the above.


  1. I hope you are feeling better too. The pic of the rain on the window is super nice. I love that you managed to find the silver lining!


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