Friday 7 March 2014

#CountryKids got HOT!

My best friend came round today and we spent the morning indoors with our boys, but in the afternoon we headed off for a walk and boy am I glad we did. 

I have been hearing all week that it will be 18 degrees in London this weekend but I had NO IDEA that it would be nice today. I had  to come back inside and dump my jacket - 16 degrees today! 

Pure blue sky and the sun made an appearance AGAIN. The ONLY bad weather day this week was Monday when it rained SO heavy, that when we went to nursery for an appointment I had to put Aaron in his buggy with the rain cover on. He ordinarily goes EVERYWHERE on his balance bike. But Mr.Sun has come out to play every day since :-)

Anyway, today was spectacular and our walk was heavenly. Here is a collage summary of our wonderful walk. So grateful to be getting outside often now.

You just gotta hop over to Fi's blog and see her Country Kids Ye Old English Houses post. She hosts the fabulous #CountryKids, that I am linking up with:

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. The weather really has been glorious today. Lets hope this is the start of spring and the sun is here to stay and we can all get out and enjoy outside play which I know is something we have really missed. Great photos.

  2. I was in my big winter coat today and was hot ss well, although my car only said it was 13 degrees here. Definitely hoping that we continue with some nice weather for a bit

  3. Well we had an OK week or so I thought until I read your post! Wow what a gorgeous week. We waited till today for the sun but I am hopeful it is here to stay, I really want an outdoor weekend. Loving your collage from your week in the sun and thank you for the lovely words about my post and Country Kids.

  4. Oh you're so lucky having lovely weather for walks. I'm in the US and it's still below freezing temperatures every day. #countrykids

  5. Oh wow, 16C! That's just lovely, as Kriss says it's still below freezing over here :) Gorgeous collage of your afternoon. #CountryKids


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