Tuesday 4 March 2014

I am The Light of My Soul, I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Bliss, I am, I am

It started with Silent Sunday. Mama and More posted a rather intriguing picture of herself that left us all guessing. Thankfully she followed it up with this post: I am Beautiful, Make-up free this is me!

It was a rather timely post for me to read, to say the least. The husband filmed me on Wednesday for a project a group of bloggers are participating in, and when I viewed it back, I felt as if I was looking at someone 10 years older than myself. I didn't recognise me! It was like the woman in her prime had become a crone. 

Fast forward to Thursday, and my best-friend who is much younger than me, was discussing how she has lost her looks, her beauty, how life has aged her. I didn't let her know the synchronicity of her thoughts, as I wanted to let her have her moment. Sometimes when we have an outpouring, it isn't helpful when the other person butts in to say "I feel like that too". I did tell her on Friday though.

It led to a VERY interesting conversation where I explained that back when I was teaching Kundalini Yoga I had an inner light that radiated out that made me look radiant and youthful. I explained that the lack of yoga since 2010 means I have lost my inner light. My yoga is based on Sikhism, yet my friend is Muslim, and her beliefs mirror mine. She went on to explain that she believes that if she does all of her prayers every day it will bring "light" into her, and she loses "light" if she does not do them. We both really believe this.

It's made me want to fully get back on my spiritual path, and as is always the case when I feel like this, someone up there gives me a nudge, and in this case it was my reading of Mama and More's blog.

She linked through to a blog post: I am Beautiful on Vodka Infused Lemonade, and it included this fabulous video which you just have to watch:

So, it made me want to link up with the I Am Beautiful Link Up. 

So here is me, make up free, from yesterday morning:

Top middle is fresh out of the shower with a towel on my head. Below it, towel off, hair au-naturel (I don't have any colouring whatsoever). Far right is the plait that I do, before I put on a head covering, which I do now everyday. Far left, head covering (scarf) on ready to face the world. Only addition, moisturiser. So this is me.


The words you see, all over my collage....?!?!?

They are from a mantra that we sing in Kundalini Yoga. I used to go to the European Yoga festival every year (8 days in France) and it used to be a fabulous experience to sing it loud and proud with 1500 other people. It comes with celestial communication "movements" you can do with it. It becomes a deep transformative celestial communication meditation that makes you feel beautiful INSIDE and OUT!!! 

I will see if I can find it on You Tube for you to try:

The above was to show you the movements and how we all sing along to it at the festival, but here is a more serene version if you want to listen to it and empower yourself now, having it playing in the background while you go about your day. It is a different melody to the one I am used to, but beautiful nonetheless:

This version is also beautiful. Filled with images of children, and you can hear them singing too :-)

Except that wasn't the end of the story. It seems we are MEANT to be thinking about BEAUTY these days. I have just made my family Pancakes as it is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) here in the UK (the preliminary event before lent). I have JUST sat down for a cup of tea, and what did I find on my timeline on Facebook. It was shared from UpWorthy.com

"Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o's Speech On Beauty That Left An Entire Audience Speechless"

You HAVE to watch this:

Bye bye, from beautiful me to beautiful you.

All my love,

Liska xx

P.S. I am also aged Ssshhhhhh... 41!!!


  1. I love this beautiful Lisa, thank you. I have been feeling tired and lacklustre and unsure of who is in the mirror, but that all comes from inside doesn't it. time to nurture ourselves and celebrate what we have. H x

    1. You always looks amaze-balls every time I see you. Time to recharge Mrs xxx

  2. Every time I have ever seen you your inner light shines right through, I think that you must just be one of those people. Really beautiful post Liska, thanks so much for posting and for joining in with I am Beautiful and All About You, and for being beautiful inside and out. xx


    1. Thank you so so much for sparking all of this. It's been an incredibly journey and you are indeed very beautiful x

  3. You look stunning. Thank you so much for linking up today. You are beautiful inside and out.



  4. You are beautiful but the camera has to like you too. I very rarely get a good photo even though I'm not complaining how I look in real life. Even professional photographers are surprised that they can't get a good photo of me.

    1. Tell those photographers they need to get better cameras. Your beauty always shines from every photo I have ever seen. Yours and DDs. xx

  5. I love that your idea of beauty is your inner beauty that radiates outwards. Really inspirational post (and you are so brave in posting those pics you look so fresh!)

    1. Inner beauty is great. It can overcome tiredness and age, only trouble is it needs a lot of topping up, with relaxation, sleep, meditation and a sound mind ;-) xx

  6. Thank you Liska, what a great post. Love those videos. I might just have to blog in a similar vein. Mich x

  7. I wish i could go make up free. My scars and marks are too much, & I have to hide them. I would love to be like the ladies in the photoshop video, & reject the fake images, but i bet id love edited images more than real ones.


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